Ever had something change in your gut around the same time as you get your period? Do you have constipation or diarrhoea a few days before your period starts? Or maybe during your period?

It can be frustrating to have to juggle changes in bowel habits and moodiness and know that your period is just around the corner. If you are having symptoms before your bleed starts – or during ovulation – it is your body’s way of saying that something isn’t quite right.

The health of your gut has a direct impact on your menstrual cycle. Period pain is often seen when you have inflammation in the body. One of the main sources of inflammation that can be present is opportunistic gut bacteria. High levels of bacteria that don’t belong in your gut trigger inflammation. Have a chat with the best naturopathic practitioner for a personalised approach on this issue.

Inflammation & Pain

This heightened inflammation has an impact on your hormone levels. More severe pain is also linked to changes in your gut, and vaginal, microbiome. If there are low levels of beneficial microflora and high levels of opportunistic microflora, the amount of inflammation present increases; as well as the pain, you experience during your period.

A healthy gut microbiome encourages the production of short chain fatty acids. These help to regulate your prostaglandin production, reducing the pro-inflammatory compounds your cells release. They reduce inflammation and pain during your period.

Constipation During Your Period

This is often seen in individuals with high estrogen levels. Constipation often occurs when your liver is struggling. As oestrogen is removed or ‘detoxified’ by the liver, it is important that your liver is functioning well. If your liver isn’t able to eliminate or ‘detoxify’ effectively, then you end up with high estrogen. You’ll also end up constipated as your body’s ‘detoxification’ pathways clog up.

Alternatively, you may experience diarrhoea. This is another sign of high estrogen levels when the liver hasn’t been able to clear it. This is also seen more commonly with an unhealthy gut microbiome, leaky gut, and increased inflammatory factors.

Supporting Gut Health And Your Period

Check in with your Naturopath to see if your gut health is impacting your period. They will be able to provide you with relevant advice to help improve your gut health and get your period back on track. Book an appointment easily by clicking the button below.


Ruth Griffiths

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