Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) begins early in life and often follows you all the way through into adulthood. It is increasingly common and has a profound impact on children. It changes the way they learn, socialise, and impacts their emotional wellbeing. Often managed by medication – which comes with its own side effects – ADHD continues to complicate life for adults. Discover how a naturopathic practitioner can help you manage the symptoms.

There is no one cause behind developing ADHD. There is a strong genetic component, but there are also lifestyle factors that impact development of ADHD. Research has shown that one of the biggest factors is the health of your microbiome.


As you grow, your nervous system and brain develop. The brain forms neurological pathways it is setting up how you respond to things in the future. This influences how you function socially but also impacts your attention span, memory, reading ability, and more.

Research has found that changes to your gut microbiome can influence how likely you are to develop ADHD if you already have a genetic link.

ADHD And Microbiome Impact

Your microbiome is heavily involved in your neurodevelopment. Some neurotransmitter precursors, like tryptophan, are produced in the gut by your microflora. Without the tryptophan produced by your microbiome, there are changes to the normal development of neurological pathways. This is one of the factors that influences ADHD development. Low levels of serotonin are another, which you need tryptophan to make.

Taking antibiotics, stress, and other lifestyle factors can be enough to trigger someone who has a genetic predisposition into developing ADHD while they are young.

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