Have you ever stopped and paid attention to the general direction of your thoughts? What do you dwell on? Does the bad day from last week stick around in your memory? Perhaps you are stuck in a negative mindset, always feeling like you can’t do anything right. Or, perhaps, you are taking what someone says personally all the time when they have no idea that what they said was negative. For some reason you seem to be stuck in sadness or depression, read this post from our health clinic on how practicing gratitude can help you.

Take a Breath

It’s time to reframe your life. Look at it from a more mindful place, start practicing gratitude. Practicing gratitude has a huge impact on your life, and the lives of those around you.

Energy Levels

When you are depressed, your energy levels tend to slump. Doing even simple tasks can seem like climbing a mountain. Chip away at that mountain with active practice of gratitude. Take the time to write down everything positive in your day. It might be a beautiful sunrise, or a coffee you enjoyed, or maybe someone gave you a compliment.

Stop and think about the positive things you have in your life that you can be grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal has been shown to improve energy levels in depressed individuals – proving the worth of practicing gratitude.

It has also been shown to improve the quality of your sleep. Helping you to wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Strengthen Relationships

One of the best ways to feel less isolated or alone is to strengthen relationships. Being grateful is an amazing way to strengthen a relationship. Working on recognising good things to be grateful for in others helps us to draw closer to them. You also see more positive things. Seeing the positive helps you to feel more positive yourself.

Focusing on loved ones and spending time with them in a peaceful environment tends to be a consequence of practicing gratitude. A benefit of this means that you end up feeling more supported. This can lower your stress levels and help lower your blood pressure.

Move Your Focus

Moving your focus onto external things helps reduce your focus on yourself. People who do gratitude journalling find that they notice their problems less. Issues don’t seem as important or maybe less impossible to get past.

Physical aches and pains also seem to have less of an impact. They also end up feeling more alert, and more aware of the world around them. Which also helps you to make better life choices.

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Ruth Griffiths

Ruth has had a lifelong interest in and passion for nature, natural medicine, and the human experience. She began her studies in Health Science, Aromatherapy, Remedial Therapies, including Manual Lymphatic Drainage, in Melbourne over 25 years ago. On completion of these studies, Ruth operated a clinic for 8 years in the Grampians region, specializing in […]

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Katherine Knott

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