Being mindful is all about being more aware of and engaged in every aspect of your surroundings – and your life. A lot of women have issues with their menstrual cycle. From cramping to heavy bleeding to mood swings – there are a lot of things that are uncomfortable. Things that you’d rather get through so that they were over and done with. This can put a barrier up; you’re struggling so you don’t want to know more. Mindfulness helps you embrace your menstrual cycle with acceptance and without judgement. Learn from this post from the best naturopathy how mindful menstruation will be helping you.

History About Self-Care In Menstruation

Throughout history, there have been two main approaches towards menstruation. In some cultures, it is something that was celebrated. In other cultures, it was something to be scorned. The more mankind has spread across and colonised the world, the more the menstrual cycle has become something to scorn. Women have been expected to remove themselves from their homes during their period. It was associated with shame rather than understanding.

This negativity meant that women tended to be less connected with their cycle. They wanted it over with rather than learning about it.

Mindfulness Menstruation: Education

Often when you have your first period, it is a time of change and confusion. Sometimes all the education you might receive is being handed a packet of pads and being told to use them. Some women receive less than this. We aren’t always taught how to nurture our bodies during our periods.

Mindful menstruation changes this. It empowers you to ask the questions you need to so that you can get the answers to help. It moves away from shame. Bringing with it an awareness that allows acceptance and helps you to let go of judgement.

Practicing Mindfulness During Menstruation

Here are some things you can do to embrace your menstrual cycle and improve your awareness of it include:

  • Tracking your period, including the signs and symptoms you experience. It will take a couple of months before you have enough information to know what to expect moving forward.
  • Honour and plan for the different phases of your menstrual cycle. Look into what you need for the menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulatory phase, and luteal phase. Each phase has different moods and hormone levels.
  • Adjust your routine and schedule – where possible – to help accommodate for the different needs your body has during the different phases of your cycle.
  • Be intentional with the menstrual products you use; educate yourself and make informed choices for you and your body.
  • Practice regular self-care, especially during your period – be aware of when your body needs rest, you need to calm your emotions, or relieve aches and pains.

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