Bringing you and your family back to health, naturally

Acorn and Oak was born from a desire to provide a space that was nourishing for mind body and soul.  A place where you are nurtured to enable you to become the very best YOU!

Whether that be you needing support from one of naturopaths in our herbal dispensary for a cough, cold, tonsillitis etc OR 1 on 1 support with one of our practitioners (naturopath, massage therapist or reflexologist) OR attending our workshops to foster your health and learn how to make medicines for yourself and your family OR sitting in circle with others as you dive deep into the realm of connection with self, your own cycles, the seasons and the moon cycles.

ALL of these are ways that Acorn and Oak support and hold space for you whilst you put down your roots and spread those branches of yours to become the very BEST Oak that you can be!

Our Logo

Our logo has many stories and meanings entwined throughout it…………

If you look at the centre of our acorn tree you will see a little acorn which symbolises the potential that we all have to grow from something so very small into something as  big and beautiful as a majestic acorn tree.  It also represents a child- with love and nurturing they have the potential to grow deep strong roots which will support them as they flourish into a beautiful, strong individual. 

The root system was designed to resemble a placenta, which nourishes our babes whilst growing.

Acorn and Oak’s founder, Katherine has a special interest in working with women on their journey through pregnancy and beyond and felt it important to weave this throughout the story of who Acorn and Oak is.

The saying ‘as above so below’ comes from an Acorn tree.  The root system that grows below the ground is equal in depth and width to that which you see growing above the ground.   At Acorn and Oak we place just as much emphasis on your spiritual health as we do your physical health for if we are to look at a person in their entirety and treat them as whole we need to consider ALL aspects of the person.