Dark Moon Meditation

Sunday, 24 November, 2:00 pm

Tickets: $FREE

Come and join Katherine for a FREE Dark Moon Drum Meditation Circle By releasing these you allow room to create a life that you truly want to live. By releasing these you can picture a future where you are THRiVING! By releasing these you allow yourself to step into your true purpose, to share your medicine (medicine meaning our natural gifts/talent/our life purpose).


Drum Making 2 Day Workshop

Saturday, 22 February, 9:30 am

Tickets: $550

The process  of making your drum is reflective of your own birth story, the births of your children (if you have any) and how you do “process” in your life both creatively and in relationship to Other. Birthing a drum becomes a ‘way in’ to your inner workings, a way for you to be present with the imprinting from your own birth and early childhood. This approach can offer you such insight into yourself and how you do ‘processes’ within your life.


Winter Festivities

Friday, 12 July, 10:00 am

Tickets: $25

Winter is well and truly here. The trees are bare and the weather is COLD! These school holidays bring your little ones along for an hour of fun filled creating. Suitable for children 3 and up with the help of a carer.


Winter Wellness Wokshop

Sunday, 23 June, 9:30 am

Tickets: $30

Learn more about how your immune system works and ways to boost your immunity and prevent you and your family from getting sick this Winter.


Herbal Manufacturing Class

Sunday, 22 September, 12:00 am

Tickets: $90

Herbal Manufacturing Class


Natural First Aid Kit Workshop

Saturday, 25 May, 10:00 am

Tickets: $30

Wanting natural alternatives and ways to assist the healing process of the body? This workshop is for you!


GUT Health Workshop

Sunday, 31 March, 9:00 am

Tickets: $$30

This event is for anybody looking to improve their gut health – you may already suffer from a gut disorder or are just seeking more information about how to maximise the health of your gut.


Shamanic Emergence-12 month women’s journey

Saturday, 18 May, 10:00 am

Tickets: $2747

A 12 month shamanic emergence circle where we connect in with ourselves, our own cycles, the moon cycles and the seasons. A journey that will take you deep into yourself as you Re-member your life's path


The Postpartum Plan

Saturday, 2 February, 10:00 am

Tickets: $$50

Learn about the importance of the first forty days of postpartum rest and recovery and help you make a plan to integrate it into your postpartum journey.


Cleanse Workshop

Thursday, 24 January, 6:00 pm

Tickets: $30

Reasons we need to Cleanse How the body naturally detoxifies Signs your body is overloaded with toxins What to eat on a cleanse Ways to enhance your cleanse