Nausea and Morning Sickness Herbal Tea

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A herbal blend that settles nausea, stimulates digestion, and calms the nervous system.

Containing all certified organic ingredients of:


gentle support for many aspects of the digestive system; helping to ease nausea, promoting appetite, and stimulating digestion. Ginger aids in reducing inflammation and reducing pain making it helpful for several different complaints. The cardiovascular system also benefits from ginger as it helps to improve peripheral circulation and reduce the level of lipids present in the blood.

Lemon Peel

helps to support the immune system, containing beneficial nutrients. It also supports the digestive system, stimulating the production of gastric secretions and helping calm an upset gut.

Lemon Verbena

used to help with weight loss, boost immunity, calm the stomach, reduce fevers, and soothe nerves which result in reducing stress and achieving high-quality sleep.


rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and minerals. It helps with blood pressure management, reduces inflammation, lowers cholesterol, and is cardio-protective, making it a great help for the cardiovascular system. It also helps to support the digestive system, soothing and reducing inflammation, as well as acting as improving digestion.


a sweet herb, easily lending its flavour to teas but it is also great for adrenal issues that arise from stress and exhaustion. It is a mucilaginous herb with a lovely soothing and healing effect on the digestive tract that makes it effective in helping several inflammatory digestive issues including ulcers and gastritis. The respiratory system also benefits from the expectorant action of licorice as it helps to relieve chest complaints such as coughs.


has a variety of actions that allow it to help soothe and heal the digestive system. It can help with chronic digestive problems, bloating, and gas. Also helps with nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness. Topically it can help relieve headaches.


traditionally used to manage digestive disorders. It helps to cool inflammation, support digestion, relieve indigestion, and reduce nausea. The cooling nature of this herb makes it beneficial in treating inflamed sore throats.


an excellent mucilaginous herb that can help with acid reflux. These properties also help it to soothe and restore irritated mucous membranes from your throat to your intestines. It has analgesic properties that relieve aches and pains during a common cold.


a carminative that has been used to treat various gastrointestinal disorders such as indigestion. It helps promote inner peace by unwinding your nervous system. In this way, it promotes sleep, relaxation, and even anxiety.


How to Prepare Your Nausea and Morning Sickness Herbal Tea

Containing all certified organic ingredients of Ginger, Lemon Peel, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus, Liquorice, Peppermint, Spearmint, Meadowsweet, and Chamomile

Directions: Place a heaped teaspoon of herbs per cup into a pot or infuser. Add boiling water and allow to steep for 10 minutes or more. Strain and enjoy.

Net Weight: 20 servings


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