Herbal Tea for Metabolism Boost

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An intriguing name for a gorgeous blue-green tea that will help to balance and support your metabolism.

This tea is formulated to help keep your metabolism working at a normal pace, and to help reduce the peaks and dips in your blood sugar levels, which also impact your energy and mood.

It also really helps with those mid-afternoon sugar cravings, the ones that insist on a sweet snack.


Contains certified organic ingredients of:

Green Tea

very supportive of your body, providing many different health benefits and giving a supportive energy boost. It helps to stabilise your cholesterol levels.


helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, improving metabolism and uptake of glucose. It also helps to manage cravings for sweet foods.


helps to support metabolism of sugar within the body. It also supports digestion and stimulates circulation. This helps make sure your food is properly digested and that the contents of your food get to where they need to go.


a beautiful blood purifier that helps your body eliminate toxins. It also supports metabolism and uptake of glucose.


apart from sweetening the tea liquorice also provides support for the digestive system. It also improves and supports your body’s energy levels.


provides support both to metabolism and digestion within your body. It relaxes and soothes an irritated gut, improving and supporting the breakdown of your food. Additionally, it helps with regulation of your blood sugar levels.

Butterfly Pea

helps to support your mood. It also helps to improve blood sugar regulation.


The green tea is the main flavour you can pick up from this tea if you only steep it for a short time.

A little longer and the sweetness of the liquorice can add a nice counterpart.

Adding to the taste of the tea is the fun that comes with the butterfly pea flower, add a dash of lemon to change the colour of your tea from blue to purple.

You can also take the chance to try out the effect gymnemia has on your taste buds. Nothing sweet tastes the same as normal!


Please note: Posted items can only be sent in brown paper refill bags due to a high number of breakages.


It’s your nutritious tea for metabolism boost!

This offers a delicious blend of herbs to assist in boosting your metabolism and curbing sweet cravings.

Contains certified organic Green Tea, Gymnemia, Cinnamon, Nettle, Licorice, Spearmint, and Butterfly Pea


Directions: Place 1 teaspoon in 250ml of boiling water and allow to steep for 10 minutes

Net Weight: 20 servings


This herbal tea for metabolism boost is naturopathically prepared in a Ballarat herbal dispensary.

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