DIY Elderberry Gummies Pack

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This Elderberry Gummies DIY Pack is a delicious way to build defenses and ward off seasonal invaders.

Contains certified organic ingredients of:


are rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins that help the body manage free radicals and help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. This herb supports and boosts immune system activity, providing antiviral action. Beneficial in respiratory conditions with congestion, such as colds and cases of flu. Help to fight off fevers.


a lovely, overall tonic for the body. It helps to balance blood sugar levels, calms nausea, and stimulates appetite. It also helps to warm blood flow to the uterus, helping relieve painful menstrual symptoms.


a sweet herb, easily lending its flavour to teas but it is also great for adrenal issues that arise from stress and exhaustion. It is a mucilaginous herb with a lovely soothing and healing effect on the digestive tract that makes it effective in helping several inflammatory digestive issues including ulcers and gastritis. The respiratory system also benefits from the expectorant action of licorice as it helps to relieve chest complaints such as coughs.

Marshmallow Root

reduces inflammation, making it beneficial for dealing with skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. It provides hydration to dry skin and helps to improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Hawthorn Berries

high in antioxidants and vitamin C, making them great for helping reduce oxidative damage to the skin, reducing signs of aging. They also improve circulation which supports skin health through the elimination of waste products and the provision of nutrients.


Please see the instructions below on how to make your own elderberry gummies with our DIY Pack.


Our Elderberry gummies DIY Pack is a delicious way to build defenses and ward off seasonal invaders.

Contains certified wildcrafted ingredients of elderberries, cinnamon, liquorice, marshmallow root, and hawthorn berries. It also contains gelatine (for a vegan’s alternative, use agar-agar).


What You Will Need with this DIY Elderberry Gummies Pack

  • 4 cups purified water
  • 1/4 cup raw honey or,
  • maple syrup if child is under 12 months, and
  • silicone moulds or glass baking dish to pour gummies into

What You Need To Do

  1. Combine water and herbs in a medium sized pot and cover. Bring to a
    simmer and turn heat to low. Simmer with cover on for 20 minutes or
    until the liquid is halved.
  2. Strain herbs from liquid. Be sure to press out all liquid from strainer
    using a spoon in order to extract all the remaining liquid from the
    herb matter.
  3. Sprinkle gelatine over the the syrup and whisk gently until dissolved.
    Slowly add your honey, tasting as you go. Add until it is sweet enough for your taste.
  4. Pour the liquid into your silicon moulds and sprinkle with the turmeric
    powder (or if using a glass baking pan spray with coconut oil or line
    with baking paper).
  5. Place them in the fridge to set, until they become firm like jelly. You
    can place them in the freezer to decease setting time.
  6. Remove them from the moulds and store in the fridge in an airtight
    container. If you used a baking pan, cut the gummies into small
    squares and remove from pan.

The gummies last up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

Recommended Dosage

Adults: 1-3 small gummies daily. Children: 1-2 small gummies daily.


Each Magically Medicinal Magic Forest Folk Blend comes with its own story.

Story Telling Ritual

Rituals help foster a sense of belonging and identity. They keep us connected and create stable, peaceful environments for our little ones to thrive. You may want to read the following story to your little one each time they have an elderberry gummy.

Net Weight: 500 mL worth of elderberry gummies


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