In the past, we had a stronger connection to the world around us. We lived with the seasons and knew how to prepare for and adapt to the changes in the season. Today, we are less connected than we used to be. No longer do we follow the limitations of the reduced daylight hours. Why would we when our ‘harvest’ comes from supermarkets that stay well-lit long after sunset.

Normally as the world slows around us, we would also slow. The way modern society doesn’t allow this and instead pushes us to keep going with the rapid pace of life. Preventing us from having the time to cook time-consuming meals. It also prevents us from having time to bond closely as a family. This difference in the shift of energy between our lives and the world around us can throw us out of balance.

Winter Energetics

Your energy will be focused internally during Winter. A deep, potent energy where the work being done occurs deep inside. It is a time of collecting and focusing. You may even feel the invitation to look deeper into what your emotional state is.

To stop, taking the time to look and see what emotions are lying untouched within you. What haven’t you addressed? It is a time where you can take a breather in the ‘void’ of winter and prepare for the next period of growth.

Seasonal Eating

One of the things you can do to reconnect with the world around you by relearning how to eat seasonally. Start looking for fresh, local produce. Eating what is in season – and local – helps you get the nutrients you need for the season you are in. Replenish your vital energy by refreshing your seasonal palate.

Emotional Status

The slower nature of this season means that, emotionally, it is easier to take a darker turn, much like the reduced hours of daylight. You might find heavier, darker emotions become more prevalent like sadness, grief, or depression.

If there are things that you have left unattended, it can be easy to become caught up in negativity. Especially if you leave for work in the dark and get back after dark. Low exposure to sunlight and dwelling on negativity are things that you need to be aware of during winter. Don’t get too caught up in the dark side of this season.

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