The idea of self-care is something that people have been more aware of in recent years, or at least they talk more about it.

But what exactly is it?

If you look online, you’ll find that it’s considered to be when you take an active role to protect your wellbeing or happiness. But what does this mean?

Self-care is where you take time for yourself to do something for yourself during the day. What that exactly varies from person to person, but it’s so important that the perspective on it is that it is seen NOT as self-indulgent or a luxury BUT an ABSOLUTE necessity!

Self-Care: Importance of Filling your own Cup

When we start the habits that will be the building blocks of self-care, it can be easy to start feeling guilty.

It may be hard to feel like you can justify taking the time away from all the other things that need to be done, especially when you can’t get through everything in a day. That is a sign that you need to take the time.

By stopping and giving yourself a chance to disconnect from everything else, that’s going to mean you also give yourself a chance to refill your ‘cup’.

When your ‘cup’ is full, you have enough to give to others without ending up completely exhausted and resented.   Keeping up with day to day life when your cup is empty is difficult. Start some self-care to refill that cup and you’ll find life runs smoother.

Starting with You

Here are some ideas that you can try to get started with the self-care process:

  • Mindful meditation
  • Daily walk
  • Soaking in a bath with some lit candles
  • Reading a book
  • Having a cup of tea
  • Yoga
  • Sleep in on the weekend
  • Draw or colour in
  • Watching the sun set or rise

Katherine Knott

Katherine is a certified naturopath and the founding director of Acorn and Oak.   She began studying Naturopathy when she was 18 years old and has practiced in both Melbourne and rural Victoria.  She has also studied 2 1/2 years of nursing and midwifery, but decided that she was happier to work with women as […]

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Nicki Stewart

Nicki has always been drawn to Holistic Health and she follows in her mother’s footsteps who is a Reflexologist and Natural Therapist. Nicki was inspired to study Herbal Medicine after attending one of Dr. Sandi Rogers’ (Naturopath, Director of National College of Traditional Medicine and former President of Australian Traditional Medicine Society) seminars on ‘Fruits […]

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Alyce Beaton

Alyce is qualified naturopath in Ballarat who loves supporting people on their health journey. Alyce believes optimising and restoring health first and foremost begins with food as medicine and creating healthy lifestyle habits. She is passionate about providing a safe, non judgement environment and endeavours to support her clients with strategies they can implement into […]

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