Ever felt like your skin isn’t as healthy as you’d like it to be? Maybe you get breakouts on your back or somewhere else that you’d like to get under control? Here’s an idea you may not have heard of before: dry brushing. Read this post written by one of the best Ballarat naturopaths how can we benefit from dry skin brushing.

Your skin is one of your body’s major elimination organs. If your body can’t get things out through your kidney, colon, or liver, it will get it out through your skin. There are a lot of things that are eliminated via your skin, but it depends on your pores being clear and your skin active. As we age, our bodies are less effective at shedding the outer layer of dead cells. Dry skin brushing can help with this.

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

In addition to helping exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin, dry skin brushing also helps to stimulate your skin. It promotes blood flow, stimulates sweat glands and oil glands – helping to provide nourishment and moisture to your skin.

This keeps your skin active, helping it to remain fresh, vibrant, and free from breakouts. The brushing also stimulates the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is responsible for helping to collect and remove toxins from your body, it helps support elimination.

How To Do It

Curious about how to do this? Here’s some directions as to how to properly dry skin brush:

  1. Use a natural bristle brush or a loofah. Avoid using synthetic or nylon brushes or gloves.
  2. Dry brush first thing in the morning, prior to having a shower.
  3. Use light pressure until you are used it, then build up to firmer strokes.
  4. Start with the soles of your feet, using swift, upward strokes to move towards your heart. Then move onto arms, starting at the hands and moving toward the heart. Focus on your limbs, but you can do your torso and back if you want to.
  5. Brush for 3-5 minutes. Your skin should have a rosy colour to it or feel slightly tingly.
  6. Shower afterwards to wash away the dead skin.
  7. After you’ve showered further nourish your skin with a quality moisturiser or body butter.

Caution in Using Dry Skin Brush

Dry skin brushing is relatively safe, but it isn’t for everyone. If you have dry, sensitive, or damaged skin it may be better to avoid dry skin brushing. It can cause further irritation of conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Additionally, it may contribute to infections if you brush over open wounds.

Check out another post for tips on taking care of your dry skin. Or, book an appointment here with one of the best Ballarat naturopaths for a more personalised approach in taking care of your skin.

Katherine Knott

Katherine is a certified naturopath and the founding director of Acorn and Oak.   She began studying Naturopathy when she was 18 years old and has practiced in both Melbourne and rural Victoria.  She has also studied 2 1/2 years of nursing and midwifery, but decided that she was happier to work with women as […]

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Nicki Stewart

Nicki has always been drawn to Holistic Health and she follows in her mother’s footsteps who is a Reflexologist and Natural Therapist. Nicki was inspired to study Herbal Medicine after attending one of Dr. Sandi Rogers’ (Naturopath, Director of National College of Traditional Medicine and former President of Australian Traditional Medicine Society) seminars on ‘Fruits […]

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Alyce Beaton

Alyce is qualified naturopath in Ballarat who loves supporting people on their health journey. Alyce believes optimising and restoring health first and foremost begins with food as medicine and creating healthy lifestyle habits. She is passionate about providing a safe, non judgement environment and endeavours to support her clients with strategies they can implement into […]

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