After our best Ballarat naturopaths talk about follicular phase in a menstrual cycle, in this post below, let us learn what happens in the next phase or what happens during Secretory Phase. Following after the follicular phase of your cycle is the secretory phase. This phase usually happens over day 14 to day 21 of your cycle.

During this phase, luteinising hormone stimulates progesterone. Progesterone is the dominant hormone of the secretory phase, reaching peak levels on day 21. It prepares your body for the possible implantation of a fertilised egg.

Emotional & Psychological Energies

While these physical changes are happening, you are also experiencing a change in your physical and emotional state. Being aware of these can help you to understand why your mood can seem to change so much depending on when you are in your cycle.

During this phase, you have a sense of decent. This can be positive or negative – pride or failure.

It is a time of mixed emotion that arises following your creative peak during ovulation. This post ovulatory period is influenced by what you achieved.

If your egg has died unfertilised, you can feel as if you have lost a chance. Many people feel relief or regret around this. Some want to fall pregnant, while others are relieved not to be.

Seasonal Progression During Secretory Phase

This is your body’s Autumn. It brings with it all the energy of this season. This is a time for you to come down off your creative phase. Your energy starts to turn inward, looking at what you have achieved. Taking stock of the ‘harvest’ from your life.

You may find yourself feeling like you want to get rid of some of the things in your life. As if you need to remove things from your life. Wanting to change.

Take the time to fully embrace this harvest time.

See if these phrases resonate with you:

  • I want to change.
  • I’ve been so busy, I’m glad I can rest.
  • Everything seems to be hard.
  • Things aren’t working.

If they do – embrace them!

Then work with them to move forward. This season can help you release things that have been holding your attention for too long.

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