Some women might think that they have periods that are really close together – but is this really the case? Have you had two periods, or have you had a bleed between your actual periods? Let us learn what does bleeding between period means from the #1 Ballarat naturopathy service near me.

Bleeding between periods can occur for a lot of different reasons. The blood flow is usually light and can also be referred to as ‘spotting’. Read more below.

Ovulation Spotting

Roughly 14 days after the start of your period is when you’ll ovulate. This is when your body releases an egg from the ovary. It is possible for you to experience light bleeding, or ‘spotting’, during ovulation.

The blood from spotting is typically bright red. It happens because of the changes that happen to your hormones. Estrogen dips slightly before your luteinising hormone surges and your egg is released.

Premenstrual Spotting: Bleeding Between Periods

In contrast to ovulation spotting, premenstrual spotting involves blood that is a darker colour. This happens if you aren’t making enough progesterone to hold your uterine lining. Leading to some of it breaking off and shedding early.

To help resolve this, you need to help support the health of your ovarian follicles. Have a chat with your naturopath for more information on how to support this.

You may also have this type of spotting if you have an underlying thyroid problem or if you are having anovulatory cycles. These may require further investigation with a Ballarat naturopathy.

Other Causes of Spotting

Apart from the two main types of spotting, that have already been covered, there are a few other causes. These include pregnancy, endometriosis, IUD, ovarian cysts, uterine polyps, and infection. If spotting is a new symptom for you, or if it has occurred at the same time as other changes, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your health professional.

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