Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology), in its simplest form, is a holistic approach to wellness that assists the body in healing itself to achieve more balance. It combines Eastern and Western knowledge and recognises the strong connection between the mind and body, and how balancing the two together helps achieve optimum health and true healing.

Kinesiology is a style of therapy, based on anatomy and physiology, combined with Chinese Medicine principles, and is communicated to the body directly though muscle monitoring / muscle feedback.

Kinesiology enables individuals to identify and correct imbalances in the body.Imbalances in the body often stem from the brain and nervous system holding onto, and storing, previous information and experiences, including the emotions that may be attached. This includes stresses, fears, trauma, habits, injuries and limiting beliefs.

Kinesiology is able to access these past experiences and unresolved stresses, and assist with how it impacts us going forward.