Menopause itself is normally easy and doesn’t normally require treatment. However, you, or someone you know, may have a completely different impression. You might think that menopause is a horrible thing to endure. This is because – for some people – the transition to menopause can be difficult. With this post from naturopaths in Ballarat and Castlemaine, let us learn how do we go through healthily in this transition phase to menopause.

Your ovaries and adrenal glands will both still make estrogen and progesterone. Your body also makes oestradiol inside your cells from the adrenal hormone DHEAS. Given some time to adapt, this leaves enough hormones to keep you well.

Hot Flushes in Menopause Transition

One of the complications that can make the transition to menopause difficult is hot flushes. These can start during perimenopause or after your last period. You may need some support for these. Depending on when they start, hot flushes can last from 2-10 years. A naturopath can help support you reduce your hot flushes and support your sleep.

Additional Challenges

You may find that you experience vaginal atrophy after menopause. This is where the tissue of your vaginal wall becomes drier and thinner. You might find this leading to: reduced desire or arousal, painful intercourse, leaking urine, and painful intercourse.

Another challenge is changes to your insulin sensitivity. Oestradiol helps to make your cells more sensitive to insulin. Loosing oestradiol reduces your insulin sensitivity and increases your risk of insulin resistance. This can lead you to gaining weight around your middle.

Bone density changes also occur during the final years of perimenopause and the first five years of menopause. The drop in estrogen leads to increases in bone loss. This change can contribute towards you potentially developing osteoporosis. There are other factors at play so if this is of concern to you it is important to discuss this with your naturopath.


Society puts a lot of weight and value on the ability of women to have children. Sometimes you might feel a loss of power and worth as you move out of your reproductive years. Don’t let this take hold in you.

You are moving from one phase of life to another. You still have power – a new position, one of being able to provide wisdom and help to others.

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