Californian Poppy: Energetics and Modern Uses

Have you seen this beautifully bright flowers around you? Read this post below prepared by naturopathic doctor near me what benefits can we get from this lovely Californian Poppy herb. The Californian poppy is a beautiful herb; its bright orange flowers look stunning and start blooming in the spring – bringing colour to the fields. […]

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Energetics and Uses of Reishi

A mushroom well known for its kidney-shaped caps and red-brown colour, reishi is widely known in many Eastern cultures. And this post written by herbalists near Bendigo and Castlemaine, let us learn what are the energetics and modern uses of this healing herb. Reishi has been used for over 2,000 years and is highly regarded […]

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Passionflower for Anxiety Relief

Passionflower is a herb and is a creeping vine that, particularly in tropical areas, comes with a warning not to plant in the ground. It is prolific, happily growing wherever it can. The flower of this plant is unique and captivating. It has a long, historic use across the world.  It has a delicate nature […]

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