Springtime Revival Tea

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With the arrival of Spring, the energies of the have shifted. Moving from introspection of Winter to the new growth of Spring. Awaken, invigorate, and renew your own energy with this zesty herbal blend.

Naturopathically formulated, this tea will both nourish and renew your body. Helping to wake up your body and senses with its refreshing taste.

This herbal tea from our herbal dispensary is made up of these essential herbs:

Lemon Myrtle

a relaxing, uplifting herb that helps to clear the mind. It is also useful for supporting the upper respiratory system if you have allergies.


rich in vitamin C, offering immune support and helping to reduce inflammation. It also helps to support you energetically.


adds a subtle sweetness while also supporting your energy and digestion. It also helps you to let go of negativity that might be holding you back from the energy of Spring.

Red Clover

a cleansing and healing herb, helping you to let go of old or stagnate things so that you can move forward into growth.


supports you to become more aware, improving your knowledge of self. They are a symbol of hope for the future.


helps manage seasonal allergies through supporting the immune system.


This herbal blend has a fun taste, with the hibiscus and lemon myrtle giving it a zesty kick. The liquorice gives it a very gentle sweetness, but it is the citrus notes that shine through with this tea – making it delicious hot or cold!

Net Weight: 20 servings

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This Spring Revival Tea has a lovely, uplifting flavour that is slightly sweet and floral with a zesty kick. It embodies the energy of spring and can be enjoyed hot or cold over ice. A nourishing blend that will nourish and renew you from the inside out with its refreshing taste.

With the first hints of spring in the air, it’s time to shake off the winter energy of hibernation and reinvigorate your body. Renew and reinvigorate your body in preparation for spring with this zesty brew. It has been naturopathically formulated with herbs specifically chosen to help support your health and energy as we move into spring.


Contains certified organic ingredients of Lemon Myrtle, Hibiscus, Liquorice, Red Clover, Cornflower, and Echinacea

This herbal tea is naturopathically formulated, will both nourish and renew your body, helping to wake up your body and senses with its refreshing taste.


Directions: Place a heaped teaspoon of this tea into your teapot or strainer. Pour over the boiling water and allow the tea to steep for 5-8 minutes.

Net Weight: 20 servings

Get this in our health food shop in Ballarat, Central Victoria, AU.

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