Space Clearing Mist

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There are times in life when you enter a space, and the energy just feels wrong. Or, perhaps something has happened that disrupts your energy in a space, and you need to clear out the negativity and reharmonised with your environment.

This space clearing mist helps to cleanse your energy field and bring positivity back in.

Contains certified organic ingredients of:

  • Himalayan salt

known for its cleansing properties. It offers psychic protection and helps to eliminate negative energies.

  • Witch-hazel extract

a symbol of protection, repelling negative energy, and ushering in positive outcomes.

  • Frankincense resin

helps to nurture and nourish the soul, supporting you when you meditate and contemplate. It also helps to clear out negativity, promoting an uplifting and positive energy instead.

  • Angelsword flower essence

provides protection against outside influences. It helps to clear out negative presences that may have entered while you were open or distracted.

  • Red Lily flower essence

good at helping to focus and ground you in the present moment. It helps to resolve feelings of disconnectedness, vagueness, and lack of wholeness.

  • Boab flower essence

supports the action of the other flower essences in clearing out negative energy. It helps in situations where there have been others prejudiced against you.

  • Fringed Violet flower essence

helps you cope with shock, grief, and distress. It is good for psychic protection if you are sensitive or drained by others. If you are influenced by other people’s emotional imbalances, this flower essence is a good support.

  • Wild sage essential oil

beneficial in addressing negativity. It helps to shift negative energy into something more productive and encourages positive moods.

  • Lavender essential oil

helps to relieve and calm down stressful situations and energies. It promotes calmness and shifts negative thoughts into a brighter place, helping to clear out bad energy.

  • Frankincense essential oil

Additionally to what is mentioned above, it helps to calm the senses and make you feel as if you are grounded.


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This Space Clearing Mist helps to cleanse your energy field and bring positivity back in.

Create a scared and harmonious environment with this beautiful space clearing mist in Ballarat natural health clinic. Cleanse your energy field and clear away negativity.

Contains certified organic ingredients of Himalayan salt, Frankincense resin, flower essences of Angelsword, Red Lily, Boab, and Fringed Violet, essential oils of Wild Sage, Lavender, and Frankincense, and Witch Hazel herbal extract


Directions: Spray on an as-needed basis in a room to help cleanse negative energy. You can also spray it in the air around yourself; just be careful to close your eyes if you do.

Net Weight: 100mL in a reusable glass spray bottle


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