Rose and Coconut Milk Bath Soak

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A nourishing, botanical, fragrant treat for your body. This beautiful blend of herbs is specifically formulated for deep cleansing and skin vitality.

Contains organic and wildcrafted ingredients of:

Coconut Milk

nourishes the skin by combating dry itchy skin and reducing inflammation. The essential fatty acids in the coconut oil help to hydrate and balance the skins’ pH. The result is balanced, healthy, and glowing skin. Coconut milk is proven to effectively treat a variety of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It can work to heal sunburns thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties by cooling the skin and reducing swelling and redness.

Rose Petals

contain natural oils that are beneficial for your skin. It helps to replenish the moisture levels in your skin and helps it feel smooth and soft. There are also calming benefits that go along with rose petals, helping to soothe, as well as, nourish your skin. These benefits extend to your mood, improving your sense of calmness.


soothes the inflamed skin and reduces irritation. It has cleansing and detoxifying properties that help cleanse your skin and eliminate toxins. People also use it as an exfoliant, tightening pores and removing dead skin.

Epsom Salts

also known as magnesium sulphate, Epsom salt is needed for over 400 enzymatic reactions within the body. Adequate magnesium levels are essential for sleep and stress management. You need magnesium to make inhibitory neurotransmitters that help reduce stress and induce sleep. It also helps your body produce melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. Magnesium is also important in reducing muscle tension, helping relieve pains, soreness, cramps, and sprains.

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A nourishing, botanical, fragrant treat for your body! This beautiful blend of herbs with rose and coconut milk is specifically formulated for deep cleansing and skin vitality.

This botanical treat contains organic and wildcrafted ingredients of Coconut Milk, Rose Petals, Bicarb, Epsom Salts, and Destress Essential Oil.