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This tea has been naturopathically formulated to contain a blend of herbs that help to support and correct your body functions. It can help reduce sugar cravings, promote estrogen metabolism, support liver function and promote hormonal balance.

All these different functions help manage the symptoms that come with PCOS.


Containing all certified organic ingredients of:


helps to regulate and support normal hormonal production. It can help to improve the production of female hormones. Through provision of gentle digestive support, it can also help eliminate excess estrogen.


a brilliant help for the menstrual system. It brings warmth and helps support normal menstruation.


a powerful but gentle liver support. It can work powerfully with even delicate or stressed systems. Dandelion helps to stimulate and restore liver detoxification pathways.


helps to regulate the hormonal system and reduce painful periods. It helps to reduce the pain from menstrual cramps.


helps to support hormone levels in the body and increase your body’s sensitivity to oestrogen. It also helps support energy levels.


 a beautiful support for the blood on many different levels. It helps to promote and warm the circulatory system. It also helps to regulate and stabilise blood sugar levels.


provides gentle digestive support and helps to relieve spasms. It helps to support healing of damaged tissue and reduces inflammation.


Place a heaped teaspoon of this tea into your teapot or strainer. Pour over the boiling water and allow it to sit for 5-8 minutes. Once this tea has steeped, pour a cup and enjoy.

For this tea to have the best effect for you, it is important to take it regularly. By having 1-3 cups a day you make sure that the herbs are always present in your system.


Please note: Posted items can only be sent in brown paper refill bags due to a high number of breakages.


Make your own cup of PCOS tea because there are a lot of complicated hormonal and metabolic interactions that happen within your body when you have PCOS.

This is important as PCOS is a complicated condition that needs a lot of support. With its sweet, slightly earthy taste, it certainly isn’t hard to add this tea to your daily routine.

Containing all certified organic ingredients of Spearmint, Mugwort, Dandelion, Peony, Liquorice, and Cinnamon


Directions: Place a heaped teaspoon of herbs per cup into a pot or infuser. Add boiling water and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy.

Net Weight: 20 servings


Naturopathically formulated from Ballarat herbal pharmacy.

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