Gut Repair Formula

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While it might look like a mystery brown powder, the Gut Repair Formula is a naturopathically formulated blend that helps support gut health.

It contains a specifically selected blend of herbs and nutrients that help support and heal the gut. It may be beneficial for helping with a variety of digestive complaints including IBS, bloating, gas, cramps, reflux, and heartburn.

Contains organic ingredients of:


one of the most used amino acids in your body. It is an important building block for a lot of different processes including healing of damaged gut lining.

Slippery elm

a very nutritive herb. It helps nourish the gut while also soothing and reducing any inflammation.


a prebiotic, helping to support beneficial gut microflora and renewing your gastrointestinal health. It also helps to reduce inflammation.

Marshmallow root

helps to soothe an irritated gut, reducing inflammation and providing relief from different symptoms. It also helps to nourish and support the gut.


beneficial in the topical treatment of wounds, reducing inflammation and promoting healing. It helps improve circulation in the lymph system, removing waste and congestion. It has a gentle liver supporting action and helps to support digestion in an inflamed gut.


To use this powder, place a heaped teaspoon into a glass of liquid. You could try it in just water, but it is just as easy to pop it in your smoothie.

Either way, this nourishing blend will help support your gut and improve your digestion. Take it twice per day, in the morning and again at night, to help with symptom relief.

Net Weight: 150grams

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This naturopathically formulated Gut Repair formula may be beneficial for those with heartburn, IBS, bloating, gas, cramps, reflux, and heartburn.

Contains certified organic ingredients of glutamine, slippery elm, cacao, marshmallow root, and calendula

Directions: Place a heaped teaspoon into a glass of liquid or add to smoothie. Take twice daily.

Net Weight: 150 grams


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