Celestite Crystals

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There are a lot of different ways that Celestite can help with energetic healing through its connection to higher chakras.

It can help you to navigate a range of different things relating to your thoughts and state of mind. Some of the things that Celestite crystals can help with include:

  • Analysing complex ideas and revealing new points
  • Supporting and encouraging communication, creativity and self-expression
  • Promoting mental balance between intellect and instinct
  • Lightening and improving your mood to help with stress and anxiety
  • Supporting enlightenment and spiritual development
  • Attracting good fortune
  • Promoting purity of heart and emotion
  • Easing a troubled mind from frustration or conflict towards peacefulness

How to use it?

  • Wear: connect with celestite’s energy throughout the day and night by wearing it. Turning this stone into a piece of jewelry can help tune into Celestite as you work with it.
  • Carry: tucking the stone into your bag or in a pocket and keeping it with you throughout the day is another way to connect to it. If you feel a need to connect with its mental energies, you can always pull out the stone and touch it to your forehead.
  • Place: incorporate it into your environment somehow. You can place it near your bed or somewhere specific to help create a tranquil environment. If you tune into Celestite, well, it may even help you pick where exactly it will best work for you.

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Celestite has a soft sky-blue colour and is typically found as part of a cluster.

It is often used as a focus point for meditation or mindfulness.
People have often considered this stone to have a celestial connection, helping bring them closer to their spiritual guardians. Legends say that Celestite holds the wisdom of the ages.

You can carry, wear, and place this healing crystal anytime, anywhere.

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