Bite Balm Large

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Sick of being bitten by mozzies?

Our Bite Balm contains a blend of essential oils and herbs that not only deters mozzies from biting you but also smells delicious.

It also helps to soothe the itchy, red bites; helping you heal from the sneaky ones who do bite before you’ve had a chance to apply it.


This herbal cream contains a blend of the following organic ingredients:


good at both reducing inflammation and deterring mozzies from coming back for another bite. It helps soothe the bite and can help prevent infection if the bite has been scratched.


can help to repel insects and is also great at supporting the healing of bites. It reduces inflammation and can help prevent the bite from becoming infected.


helps to reduce the irritation of a mozzie bite and helps reduce the likelihood of the bite becoming infected.


helps to soothe the itchiness and pain of bug bites. It also reduces inflammation.


eases the pain and inflammation surrounding a bite. The cooling nature of this herb makes it great for hot, itchy bites.

Chaste Tree

helps to repel mozzies and reduce the inflammation around their bites.


Net Weight: 60 grams

Organically made from our apothecary in Ballarat, Victoria


Live near water? Or have a lot of puddles around? Sometimes, even in the middle of winter, there seems to be no escape from the local mozzie population.

Somehow, the mozzies seem to sneak in and are all too happy to leave us with mementos of their visits. Soothe away the itchy, red bites with this balm. It helps to heal the itchiness and irritation of a mozzie bite. The essential oils in this blend also help deter the mozzies from coming back for another bite.

Contains certified organic ingredients of coconut and calendula oil, Shea butter, kaolin clay, bees wax, and essential oils of rosemary, lemongrass, thyme, lavender, and eucalyptus


How To Use: Apply as needed to the mozzie bites to help soothe the irritation. Use 3-5 times a day depending on how much relief is needed from the bite. You can also apply to help deter mozzies from biting.

Net Weight: 60 grams

Organically made from our apothecary in Ballarat, Victoria


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