Your moontime is the time during your menstrual cycle when you are bleeding. It is a time in the rhythm of your life that is linked to the moon. It is also linked to other archetypes. Jessica Thomas, as one of the integrative doctors in Ballarat and Bendigo, has prepared this post talking about taking care of your health during this menstrual phase.

One of the archetypes mentioned is the Crone – also known as the old woman or the witch. This is the first 1-6 days, approximately, of your menstrual cycle. Either way, it is a time in your life where you feel a little like you are hibernating. That you need to focus your energy on yourself, not giving it to others.

The Crone: Menstrual Archetype

Once a month – approximately – it can seem as if you become an old woman. Even if you are only 17, when you start bleeding, you notice that you change. You are more sensitive, tired, achy, reserved, and realise the end of your fertile cycle. You enter a time where you are like an old woman. Your period is a symbolic death; the loss of a potential life as you shed your unfertilised egg.

Embracing The Crone

It is a time that can feel heavy and limiting but there are benefits you can enjoy too. Make the most of this time and embrace the Crone. Enjoy the wisdom that comes from the experience of life. Remember that wisdom is a slow, quiet thing that doesn’t come with big epiphanies. It may also come with the bitterness, anger, or frailty that comes with age.

Listen to your old woman, even when she is snappy or hard to get along with. It isn’t always easy but there is worth in getting to know her. Look within yourself, get to know the old woman, and she will help you grow even in this time of symbolic ‘death’. Focus less on others – it’s hard during this time. Instead, connect with yourself and practice self-love.

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