Just as your menstrual cycle takes you on a journey through the seasons, it also takes you on a journey through the different stages of life. With this post from a Ballarat health shop, let us learn from a naturopath what are the different types of menstrual archetypes relating to the different seasons.

Just as you journey through the seasons during your menstrual cycle, it allows you to tap into these different life stages through the archetypes, even when you are in a different stage of life yourself.

Tapping into these energies at the right time can help you to adjust the flow of your energy. Helping you adapt your work and life flow so that you can take care of your needs. This also helps you to live a wholehearted life.

Spring and The Maiden

This Spring season is associated with the Maiden archetype. This is a chapter of youth and birth. Meet your Maiden energy during your pre-ovulatory phase in the menstrual cycle.

You’ll find it to be a youthful energy, full of creativity, and ready to take on new projects and ideas. Just take care not to get too caught up in this youthful energy, or you might find that for all the ideas you had none of them made much – if any – progress.

Summer and The Mother

Summer introduces us to the Mother archetype, who is responsible for fertility and creative energy. The character of the Mother is more mature than that of the maiden. This energy is embodied by your ovulatory phase.

You’ll find it an expansive time where you are more available to help support others and your community. The balance to this archetype is making sure you also take time to look after yourself, don’t look too far outwards.

Autumn and The Wild Woman

The Autumn Season brings the Wild Woman, introducing us to life beyond fertility. The Wild Woman archetype is the energy you experience during the luteal phase of your cycle.

Here you’ll find yourself being more spontaneous, but also truer to yourself. You’ll find yourself embracing things that you truly want – if you listen to your inner voice. Go wild woman!

Winter and The Crone

Winter archetype is associated with the Crone, who heralds in wisdom, old age, and death. This archetype focuses inward. It is the energy of self-reflection and rest. This energy is a lot like hibernation. It’s not a time to focus on others, but to focus on oneself.

A powerful archetype that represents symbolic death to make room for rebirth. Lean into this energy when you need the wisdom of life experience without the fear of the trials of life.

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