Life can put a lot of pressure on us, but did you know that stress can potential impact the health of your skin? And from a Bendigo naturopath near me, read this post below to discover how to properly manage stress for good-looking and healthy skin.

When you are stressed, your body produces cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone synthesized by your adrenal glands. It plays an important role in both the regulation of your metabolism and your body’s inflammatory response. It binds to glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptors; both of which are found in your skin cells.

Cortisol and Collagen

Research has shown that there is also a relationship between cortisol and collagen, especially with collagen-containing tissues like your joints and your skin.

Out of all the different proteins in your body, collagen is the most abundant. Collagen supplements are used to help improve skin health, joint integrity, and support skin elasticity.

The Effects of Cortisol in Skin Health

Studies have been done to help determine exactly what happens to the synthesis of collagen in the presence of cortisol. They found out that as the amount of cortisol present increased, the amount of collagen present decreased – showing that cortisol inhibits collagen production.

This means that if you have high cortisol levels, there is a direct impact on your skin and joint health. Prolonged stress can thus complicate joint integrity, skin health, and wound healing.

Collagen Supplementation

You can do something to help support your body’s collagen levels – taking a collagen supplement.

Quality collagen supplements help to provide your body with additional collagen, complementing the natural amount from what you eat.

A collagen supplement can help to prevent the action of cortisol. Supplementing with cortisol helps to reduce the way cortisol inhibits collagen production. This also means supporting your skin health when you are stressed.

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