If you find that your sleep changes depending on how close you are to your period – you are not alone. In this post below prepared by naturopath near Bendigo and Castlemaine, let us learn how our monthly menstrual cycle impacts on our sleep patterns.

A lot of women experience changes to their normal sleep pattern in the lead up to their period. These changes show the impact that your hormones have on sleep, especially progesterone and oestrogen.

During your Cycle: Impacts on Sleep

As you go through your menstrual cycle, different hormones increase and decrease in your body. When progesterone is high, such as after ovulation, you may find yourself feeling sleepier than normal. This is because high progesterone levels promote sleepiness. Oestrogen also supports sleep.

Most sleep changes occur during the follicular phase and the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.

  • Follicular phase: when both oestrogen and progesterone are low during the first four days of your period, you may notice that you are having poorer quality sleep than normal.
  • Luteal phase: the increased levels of progesterone following ovulation often led to increased feelings of sleepiness. You may find yourself experiencing less dreams as your REM sleep are reduced.

Additionally, closer to the start of menstruation, you may find yourself experiencing poorer quality sleep.

Tips & Tricks

If you aren’t sure if this applies to you, one of the easiest ways is to keep a sleep diary. Record when you experience disrupted sleep and see if it lines up with the different phases of your period. This does mean you’ll also need to track your period – if you don’t already.

Look into some good sleep hygiene practices. Make sure your bedroom is a dark, comfortable, quiet place that is warm without being hot. Avoid screen time, caffeine, and alcohol before bed.

Should you have other questions about your menstrual health, you can also have a chat with a naturopath. They can help you to get your menstrual cycle running smoothly.

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