THRiVE Founding Membership

We are SO excited to announce the opening of THRiVE upstairs at Acorn and Oak in January 2020

A space to exhale and feel nurtured and nourished. 

A place that nurtures connection with self and others.

Relax and unwind with your choice of herbal teas- enjoy some special alone time or bring your children to play with our lovely wooden and nature-based toys. 

Once a month we’ll have wellness chats, informed by our members.

We’ll also be holding sacred space every month on the full-moon, a two hour session which offers the opportunity to connect with myself and other like minded souls. 

Membership to THRiVE includes-

  • Access during Acorn and Oak’s opening hours
  • FREE bottomless herbal tea while you’re here

Choose from our range of over 30 handmade, naturopathically formulated, therapeutic, certified organic herbal teas when you spend time at THRiVE.

  • Access to infant change facilities
  • Beautiful wooden and natured based toys for your children to play with
  • Monthly Wellness Chats

Monthly Speakers who will share their knowledge about how they can support you and your little ones to thrive in all areas of health. You will hear from Chiropractors, Yoga instructors, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Doulas, Midwives, Meditation teachers and many more.  The talks will be aimed at the different groups and their needs. 

Seed- pregnancy mumma’s

Sprout- newborn – 12 months 

Seedling 13 months – 5 years

Sapling 6 years- 12 years

Budding Tree- 12 years to 18 years

Full Bloom Tree- 18 years plus

  • A monthly full-moon circle

 Each month on the FULL moon you have the opportunity to sit in circle with other women.  These gatherings allow us to learn new ways of listening, speaking and connecting with ourselves as well as others.  A beautiful way to nurture yourself, fill your cup and have some time OUT.  You will leave the circle feeling recharged, nourished, energised and empowered. 

  • So you can continue the nourishment, nurturing and connection at home-

– 50g herbal tea of your choice FREE each month

-Access to our secret THRiVE FB group where we will be posting ideas for nurturing you and your little ones as well as ideas for connecting wiht the seasons. Recipes to nourish you and you family as well as a great way to stay connected to your Acorn and Oak Tribe.

Are you a single person wondering if THRiVE is the place for you?

The answer is YES!   

It takes a village to raise a child. 

If you are happy to share space with little people then THRiVE is your Tribe!


For the first 30 Founding Members, THRiVE membership is $400  annually for individuals and $450  for families (up to 4).  

Once these are sold membership will be $780 annually (paid at $15 per week) or $1040 annually for a family of up to 4 (paid at $20 per week).  saving you up to $590.

As a reward for being a FOUNDING Member you will never pay more than $400/$450 per year that THRiVE is operating.  

As a founding member, you will have a say in what Thrive looks, feel etc- help us create the space the nurtures YOU.

As a founding member you will be invited into the space in December (dates to be confirmed, and if you can’t make it you can still have your say), before it opens to the public so that you can contribute to the creation of what we will be offering at THRiVE. We want to hear from you about how you want to experience THRiVE, how can we best support you as individual as well as a family to THRiVE.  

Founding Memberships close 21st of November unless SOLD OUT earlier

To Become a FOUNDING Member of THRiVE click below

Founding Member Individual

Founding Member Family


Our Acute Care Member’s Club includes

  • Unlimited 10 minute Acute consultations over the counter for 365 days

We want you and your family to feel secure in knowing that we are here with you every step of the way through life’s ups and downs. Whether it’s teething, tummy aches, period pain, gastro, coughs, colds or an ear ache, w are here to bring you and your family back to health naturally.

  • Over the counter appointments whenever you need us with one of our fully qualified naturopaths.    You can come in anytime and have an acute care consultation with our fully qualified naturopaths when YOU need us.
  • Monthly membership discounts 

Members will receive monthly discounts on our naturopathically formulated, bespoke, small batch range of organic and wildcrafted botanically infused products.  

  • A 25 gram Welcome Tea 

Your choice of 25 gram tea from our vast range- blended using certified organic and wildcrafted herbs.

  • A Welcome Custom Blended Australian Bush Flower Essence 

Australian bush flower essences are catalysts to unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs & create emotional health & wellbeing.

  • Seasonal (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) 30 Minute Master Classes 

Including step by step suggestions for activities to strengthen your connection with your family and nature’s innate healing powers.


Individuals $100 annually

2 people $120 annually

Family of up to 6 $175 annually

Individual acute consultations will be charged at $20 per visit as of the 21st of September 2019 if you are NOT a member part of the Acute Care Member’s Club.

For Full Terms and Conditions click here By purchasing a membership you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Individual Membership

Membership for Two

Family Membership

Other Memberships

Stay tuned as we are busy creating memberships for both upstairs and downstairs at Acorn and Oak

We are committed to creating a space to BE, rest and connect – both with yourself and other like minded people.   

A home away from home. A place to set down your roots, feel at home and THRIVE.

A space where you can relax whilst the kids play with our nature based toys.

A place where there are bottomless cups of therapeutic, nourishing herbal teas available