With the intention of moving from birthing to growing and maturing your work with this sacred instrument, we will be holding seasonal drumming circles and are excited to invite you to soul seed sanctuary for this experience. 



What To Expect at the Spring Drumming Circle


Within this spring evening of ritual, we will offer you a place for deep connection to your internal space for wisdom reflection, connection and soulful singing and of course, loads of fun! Everyone has the ability to find their tone or simply to sing. This connection to your own true sound is anchored in knowing your own true voice and the power it holds – this is known when the idea of what we should sound like (in speech or sound) is lovingly dropped and permission to make primal sound is known.

Take a deep and rhythmic, self anchoring, and nervous system calming break from the busyness of the “world” and mind to be held, nurtured, and supported to travel deeply within and start putting the practice of owning a drum into action.

Together we will play simple rhythms on our drums and enter the gateway into a timeless, flow space. Song sheets are provided and can be used to support moving into your own deep selves where self knowing provides natural song sheets.

We have gathered in circle for far longer than we have not! This is an ancient human medicine and was known by our ancestors that we may now honour and continue and find their guidance within us. We are now returning to our old ways!





Healing Through Sacred Drumming Circle


The medicine of the drum is potent and while some of you may play your drum regularly, for others, it may not have been played once since it was birthed. We may have assisted you as far back as 4 years ago but again, we encourage you to know the drumming journey is not a once off; pick up your sacred tool and come along with Nicki and l again to experience the magic held deeply within its body.

This invitation for this healing is not linear. We drum for our ancestors, ourselves, our family, our future generations, and of course, the earth.

This overnight event starts Saturday, the 28th of October at 5pm. We will settle in and set up warm comfortable beds in tents (we will provide a communal 5 metre Lotus Belt tent if you cannot bring a tent). Dinner is served at 6PM. A warming dahl with salads and rice with apple crumble for dessert. The time for magic starts at 7:30 PM we will gather around the fire, open sacred space,  and set our intentions.

This is going to be a soul-filled collective experience where we raise the vibration, deepen our connection to self and other, the human and more than human realms.




Don’t Miss The Victorian Spring Drumming Circle


An evening of singing, drumming will be followed by Sunday breakfast (served at 8am-9.30am) of porridge with toppings including goji berries, sultanas, dried figs, honey, and Chai. At 10am, we gather in sacred circle- grounding ritual, seasonal, lunar, and personal cycle exploration and a drum journey to close and embody the work from the night earlier. Event concludes at 11.30am.

Price: $199

Where: 10 Shirley Drive, Taradale, VIC –

20 minutes from Castlemaine

1 hour from Ballarat

1.5 hours from Melbourne

40 minutes from Bendigo

30 minutes from Daylesford


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Katherine Knott

Katherine is a certified naturopath and the founding director of Acorn and Oak.   Her journey into studying Naturopathy started…