Do you feel disconnected from your self? From source?

Feel like you are lacking direction? Lacking purpose?

Are you longing to find your tribe?

To connect with yourself and others more deeply?

Do you feel like you are not living in FULL alignment and integrity with your soul’s mission?

Do you struggle with low self esteem/self worth?

Do you feel like you are not enough or perhaps TOO much?


Soul Seed Remembering will take you on a deep journey into your heart to connect with your soul’s essence!


Soul Seed Remembering Sanctuary Land in Australia


We all arrived with a purpose, a gift to share with the world.

Do you remember what yours is?

Are you living a life aligned with sharing it with the world?


This is the call to your soul’s seed – connect with your inner rhythms, the cycles of nature, and intuitively unite with the elements, plants, and animals.

Through attuning to your body wisdom and the power of the cycles – ‘earthly, lunar, solar, and celestial’ you will reconnect with the ‘wild pulse of life’, as you reweave and remember all facets of your archetypal nature and unlock the ancient wisdom of your feminine lineages.

Plant your roots deep down into the belly of ‘Mother Earth’, as together we enter the spiral dance of creation.

This is your ancient birth rite – medicine and nourishment for your soul.


Celebrate Yourself – Initiate Yourself – Awaken your Soul’s Deepest Desires


All too often we as women put ourselves last, prioritising others (partners, children, friends, family, work) and forgetting that we need to take care of ourselves.

Release the FEAR, SHAME, and ANGER that has been holding you back from living a life that you so truly desire

A DEEP, transformative journey where you will Alchemise your woundings into your GREATEST gifts to share with the world


Soul Seed Remembering Sanctuary with Women in Attendance Soul Seed Remembering Sanctuary for Women


Soul Seed Remembering will support you to:


  • Feel centred, clearer, and calmer
  • Release & shed shadow patterns that no longer serve your life
  • Feel a deeper connection with your body, your natural feminine cycles, and inner rhythms
  • Embody the ancient wisdom of the cycles of creation
  • Surrender into the flow of the cycles and deep trust in life
  • Soften and open your deep inner listening & body wisdom
  • Trust your inner knowing and guidance
  • Awaken your confidence & strengthen healthy boundaries for healthy relationships
  • Ignite your passion & connect with your Soul purpose
  • Attract & Feel the true abundance & bounty of life
  • Reconnect to the depth of your soul & the web of life
  • Deepen your relationship with the Land, Directions, Elements, Plants, and Animals
  • Unlock the gifts of your ancestral lineages
  • Feel the embrace and support from Sisterhood Connections
  • Deep Soulful Nourishment


What’s holding you back?

What’s stopping you from having everything you desire?

What stories/self talk stop you from living in alignment with everything you want?

Within our woundings are our greatest gifts to share…’s through the journey to the underworld, deep deep below that we are able to unearth our core woundings and alchemise them into GOLD that can be offered to the world.

Gold/gifts that only you can share due to your unique experiences.


Can You Hear Your Soul Calling?


Come with me on a journey.

A journey of self discovery and deep connection, to self, and community.

Strip yourself BARE and RE-member who you really are

Imagine flowing through life without fear, shame, grief, and despair.

Imagine living a life of abundance and connection.

As women, there is enormous power in being seen and heard by other women. Throughout this journey, you will be nourished, nurtured, and held as you explore your inner world and reconnect with your soul’s essence.

We as women have sat in circle for MUCH longer than we have not. The healed feminine is rising and we are connecting back in with our inherent power within. Although it may seem like a relatively ‘new age’ thing to do, we have been gathering as women together for many many many years.

Together we will explore rituals, astrological readings, grounding practices, and shamanic journeys. Talking circles, Seasonal reports, delving into our inner worlds, and connecting with our healed and well ancestors. These are just some of the ways in which we will spend our time together.


Soul Seed Remembering Sanctuary Water Area Soul Seed Remembering Sanctuary


We are meant to live according to natural rhythms.

  • The seasons
  • The sun
  • The moon

We are meant to work with our hands, our heart, our spirit

  • To build, create, and dream

We are meant to know our songs, our language.

  • To cook slow foods, pick plants, and know the land intimately.

We are meant to care for one another, Supported and Supporting.

We are meant to hold one another in grief.

We are meant to tend to each other

  • With love and compassion

We are meant to hear our ancestor’s speaking,

  • The plants communicating
  • The animals talking

We are meant to deeply belong to self,

  • To feel at home within our body
  • Be woven into the tapestry of life
  • Held by the world around us


Dedicated Signal Group – Soul Seed Remembering


We have prepared a dedicated signal group where we can gather together and support each other and continue our journey in between meeting in the physical realm each season.

Feeling the pull but not sure if it’s right for you?

Please book a FREE 15-minute discovery call so we can see if this is right for you. Click the button below.


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We will gather 4 times throughout the year as a community and spend 3 full days in ceremony, connecting in deeply, and exploring the cycles, weaving and being woven into deeper connection with self and community.

Together, we shall traverse the cycle of the wheel of the:

  • Elements – fire, water, earth, air
  • Seasons –  autumn, winter, spring and summer
  • Animal guides – kangaroo, snake, kookaburra and eagle
  • Plant wisdom – hawthorn,  protea, violet and rose
  • Movement – singing, stillness, walking, dancing

We begin our journey in the season of:

  • Autumn, harvest, element of fire we will sit in the direction of the west and connect in with kangaroo;
  • Winter, death, element of water we will sit in the direction of the south and we will journey with snake;
  • Spring, rebirth, element of earth we will sit in the direction of the east and we will journey with kookaburra;
  • Summer, full bloom, element of air and we will sit in the direction of the north and we will journey with eagle;


Women joining the Sacred Drumming Circle in Victoria


In a world that is obsessed with fixing and changing ourselves; with otherwise becoming something or someone we are not, I am here to powerfully remind you

The healing journey is not about becoming someone new, it is about unbecoming everything we are not.

This healing journey is not about fixing or changing ourselves, it’s about fully accepting, retrieving, and reintegrating ourselves back whole.


“It’s not other people’s responsibility to heal your wounds.

That’s your work, that’s your job.

Healing is not pretty,

It’s often messy, painful, and uncomfortable.

But it’s YOU who has the cue,

The medicine is in the wound,

The healing is in the pain,

The wisdom is in the scars,

And on the other side of it all …” – Brandaen Collinsworth


What’s Included in the Journey Fee


  • All meals – nourishing, wholesome meals, and drinks including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. Please email if you have any specific dietary needs.
  • Accommodation 
    • You have the option to sleep in the communal space of the lotus belle tent or the workshop space OR
    • if you prefer you can bring your own tent or camper van/caravan.
    • BYO mattress and bedding – l have extras so please reach out if you need to borrow something.
    • All resources and materials provided.

Held on 11.5 acres on Dja Dja Wurrung Land, Taradale VIC

Centrally located

  • 1 hour 15 min from Melbourne
  • 1 hour from Ballarat
  • 35 min from Bendigo
  • 30 min fro Daylesford
  • 20 min from Kyenton

If you have not made a drum yet and would like to before the course starts, you can attend one of the drum making workshops throughout 2024 and receive a $300 discount – Pay only $500. Click here for more info.


Altar for Soul Seed Remembering Sanctuary


Soul Seed Remembering 2024 Journey Dates


  • April 19, 20, 21
  • June 14, 15, 16
  • September 13, 14, 15
  • December 13, 14, 15

Arrival is 10am Friday until 4:00pm, Sunday.

Pay Upfront Via Bank Transfer: 

Katherine Knott
Book for Upfront $2800

Choose Payment Plan Here.


Who Is This For?

  • This is for you if you want to step fully into your power and reclaim your sovereign self.
  • This is for you if you are ready to shed the past, release ancestral, societal and familial patterns that are no longer serving you.
  • This is for you if you have a deep knowing that a more fulfilling life is within reach, a life that you can dream into being.
  • This is for you if you are searching for a deeper connection to self AS WELL as community.

“It takes courage to dive deep into our old woundings/stories.

Face the pain, the fear, the shame, the rejection.

In doing so, we are met with our greatest gift..

A gift that only YOU can share with the world

A deep remembering of WHO you truly are

This is true alchemy

The most precious golden treasure to share

With the world.

You have all the answers within you.

You just need to find the stillness

To hear the soft whisperings of your soul.”


About Katherine – The Facilitator


Katherine is a fierce space holder with a gentle heart. She has spent a great deal of time transversing the underworld and knows the terrain intimately. She is a safe and steadfast guide throughout your journey to shedding, reclaiming, re remembering all parts of yourself so you can fully claim the life that you have always wanted – a life that you have dreamed of but didn’t think was possible … whether it be because of fear and low self worth.

If you are feeling the call but are unsure if this is for you, please book a 15 minute discovery call to ensure that the journey is the best fit for you.

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1 scholarship place is available for someone who hears the call but who is unable to make the financial exchange. If this is you, please email me at and let me know why you feel called to embark on this journey.


Energy Exchange – Payment Details
  • Bank transfer (preferred payment option)

Katherine Knott
Book for Upfront $2800, or

  • 6 Monthly Payments of $500 thru Stripe below:


Energy Exchange Payment Details

  • One season for $850
  • Two seasons for $1600 – $800 per season
  • 3 seasons for $2250 – $750 per season
  • 4 seasons for $2800 – $700 per season
    • Whether you are doing 1 season or all 4, you are able to make a drum for $500 instead of $799.

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Planning to Join for a Couple of Seasons only?  Payment Plans below:

  • One season $850 = 4 payments of $225
  • Two seasons $1600 = 4 payments of $412.5
  • Three seasons $2250 = 4 payments of $575
  • Four seasons $2800 = 4 payments of $712.5
    • Whether you are doing 1 season or all 4, you are able to make a drum for $500 instead of $799.

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“In a world that thrives on distraction and disconnect,

Be the rebel.

Listen to the whispers of the wind,

Tune into the wisdom of the water,

Dance with transformational flames of fire,

Be held in the rich embrace of earth,

And come HOME to YOU…

I look forward to journeying with YOU!”

Much love

Katherine xx



Katherine Knott

Katherine is a certified naturopath and the founding director of Acorn and Oak.   Her journey into studying Naturopathy started…