In a world consumed by the relentless pace of modern living, there exists a profound yearning—an unspoken desire for a deeper connection to both community and self. Mid-Summer Dreaming emerges as the antidote to this longing, offering a sanctuary for souls seeking authenticity and genuine human connection. As we navigate the complexities of life, the craving for meaningful connections intensifies, and within the heart of this event, we weave a tapestry of communal spirit and self-discovery.

Picture days filled with laughter, shared stories and a collective celebration of life under the summer sun. It’s an invitation to trade the chaos for slow, the solitude for connection, and the mundane for the magic. Come, be a part of something extraordinary – a Mid-Summer Dreaming where community, village vibes, and soulful connections await.

Amidst the enchanting landscape of Soul Seed Sanctuary, you are invited to slow down, shed the layers of societal demands, and delve into the core of your being.  Come, join us at Mid-Summer Dreaming, and satiate the longing for a profound connection—to community, nature, and the essence of your true self.

The perfect way to unwind after the Christmas madness.

Think S-L-O-W days, frolicking in the water or walking in the bush. Connecting with like minded folk, spending time alone as well in community. Rituals, learning, exploring, freedom, relaxation, connection and FUN.

Come dream a new way of living into being………..4 days, 3 nights of living in community!

This gathering is open to all ages, life stages, and genders.

Each day there will be sessions running which are optional to attend. The invitation is to follow your own rhythm and flow.


Feedback from our Spring Equinox Event

“I keep thinking back to the equinox event. It’s the first time I’ve felt held within a community of love for so many decades. It was truly beautiful and a catalyst for change in our lives. My deepest thanks for holding it.” – S



At Mid-Summer Dreaming, we gather with a shared intention — to collectively dream a new world into being. In the embrace of Soul Seed Sanctuary, surrounded by the rustle of leaves and the soft hum of nature, we unite as dream weavers, each thread contributing to the tapestry of a vision that transcends the ordinary. Our collective dreams ripple through the fabric of time, intertwining with the energy of the summer solstice. Together, we explore the boundless possibilities of a harmonious existence, envisioning a world where community, connection, and rewilded souls thrive. It is a sacred space where dreams take flight, birthing a new narrative that echoes in the hearts of each participant, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of our shared human experience. Join us as we dream, for in the dreaming, we unlock the potential to shape a reality that resonates with the deepest chords of our collective souls.

Itinerary for 4-Day Mid Summer Dreaming 

Day 1 – Wednesday, December 27

    • Gates open at 12pm.
    • Set up camp site and settle in.
    • Acknowledgment to country.
    • Opening sacred space.
    • Summer Solstice Group Ritual.
    • Create earth altar together.
    • Dinner at 6:30pm.


Day 2 – Thursday, December 28

    • Sunrise yoga
    • Herbal Medicine Magic – St. Joh’s wort is in full bloom around summer solstice. Plant attunement with St. John’s wort – a plants story, medicine, and magic are available to us at all times and in a variety of ways. Together, we will journey and connect with the spirit of hypericum and explore a flower essence and infused oil and learn when and how to use them.
    • Small folk – Create a Fairy and elf garden.
    • Sunset Yoga
    • Dinner at 6:30pm.




Day 3 – Friday, December 29

    • Mindfulness meditation – Be guided through a meditation to connect with yourself, with nature to be present to the magic unfolding in the wild. The rhythm of a medicine drum will help you drop into deeper relaxation and connection.
    • Small Folk – Make a pure beeswax candle.
    • Ice bath – together, we will explore the myriad of health benefits of cold water therapy. We will practice some breathing and then support each other as we take the plunge!
    • Dinner at 6:30pm
    • Sunset Yoga – harness the peace and quiet all around, listen to birdsong, and be held by the earth as you gently stretch and meditate.


Day 4 – Saturday, December 30

    • Walking meditation – stroll under shady branches close to water or use wildflowers to weave flower crowns or floral garlands.
    • Pack up
    • Group ritual
    • Closing of sacred space at 2pm


Soul Seed Sanctuary

Taradale, Victoria

Centrally located

1 1/4 hour from Melbourne

30 minutes form Daylesford and Bendigo

20 minutes from Kyneton and Castlemaine


Embark on the Mid-Summer Dreaming experience if you resonate with the call of the wild and the yearning to rewild your soul and heart and deepen your connection to community and village style living.  This gathering is crafted for:

  • Soulful Seekers: If you find yourself on a quest for deeper spiritual connections and a profound reconnection with nature, Mid-Summer Dreaming provides the sacred space for your soul to roam free and rediscover its innate wildness.
  • Nature Alchemists: For those who believe in the transformative power of nature, this event unfolds within the nurturing embrace of Soul Seed Sanctuary, inviting you to explore the alchemy that happens when you align your energy with the natural world.
  • Heart-Centered Explorers: Whether you’re delving into ancient rituals, engaging in heart-opening yoga sessions, or immersing yourself in mindful meditations, Mid-Summer Dreaming is a haven for those seeking to explore the depths of their hearts and spirits.
  • Families and Intergenerational Souls: Mid-Summer Dreaming is an inclusive space for families, intergenerational bonding, and a diverse array of souls. It beckons those who cherish shared experiences, creating a harmonious tapestry of connection among all ages.
  • Creative Spirits: If your soul finds expression in creativity, music, and communal activities, this event provides a canvas for your artistic inclinations to run wild. It’s a celebration of the creative spirit that resides within each participant.
  • Yearning for Heartful Relaxation: Mid-Summer Dreaming is your sanctuary for escaping the noise, slowing down, and reconnecting with the heartbeat of the Earth. It’s an invitation to relax, rejuvenate, and align your heartbeat with the rhythm of the natural world.
  • Curious Wanderers: Whether you’re drawn to the wisdom of herbal medicine, intrigued by the invigorating experience of an ice bath, or simply open to the mysteries of rewilding, this gathering invites you to follow the wild call and explore the untamed territories of your own being.

Mid-Summer Dreaming is an immersive journey for those embracing the rewilding of their souls and hearts. Join us as we dance with the wilderness and rediscover the untamed essence within.


Cost includes dinner each night which will be:

🌿Wednesday: Indian

🌿Thursday: Mexican

🌿 Friday: Asian

All meals will be vegetarian and have gluten free and dairy free options.

An assortment of herbal teas (hot and iced) will be on offer in the kitchen space throughout the gathering

(If you have dietary requirements, please email at and let me know 🙂)





    • Outdoor showers
    • Portable toilets
    • Tennis court
    • Rustic kitchen set up including bbq, gas cooking, microwave, and electric elements
    • Lake – There is a gorgeous lake onsite which is perfect for swimming. If you have little folk, l suggest getting them a life jacket to ensure their safety near the water. There are 2 kayaks and a Stand Up Paddleboard for community use. You’re also welcome to BYO water play items.
    • Sandpit and mud kitchen for the kids to frolic in.
    • Shaded areas as well as wide expansive sunny grassed areas.
    • The 11.5 acres of Soul Seed Sanctuary borders over 50 acres of bush land and is perfect for a bush walk or bike ride with a trail running parallel to the sanctuary.



    • Do you have something you would like to share with the group?
    • Perhaps you have a guitar you’d like to play one afternoon?
    • Share your vocal talents with the group and bring everyone together with an old favourite or a new vibe.
    • Maybe you have some pastels and paper and you’d like to share your artistic flair to inspire creativity with others?
    • If you have a drum, please bring it along as we will play and sing songs.
    • If you have something you would like to share, please send me an email at



  1. BYO camping gear, cooking utensils, crockery, gas camp stove (we will have a couple along with electric elements that you are welcome to use).
  2. BYO breakfast and lunch items in an esky.
  3. If you have kayaks or other water gear, please feel free to bring them along.
  4. Bikes if desired- there is a great walking/riding track that runs parallel to soul seed sanctuary and is shady and perfect for a stroll or bike ride.
  5. Tennis racquets and tennis balls (we have a few of each but the more, the merrier).
  6. Drum if you have one as we will opportunities for drumming/singing.




Mid Summer Dreaming Gathering Tickets

For catering reasons, Ticket sales close 22nd of December at midnight.


For Adults – 13 y/o and up

  • $250



For Kids – 12 y/o and below.

  • $120
  • Kids under 2 are free



Looking for payment plans to join this celebration? Check your options below:

  • 2 Adults and 1 Kid for 3 payments of $210 every 2 weeks
  • 2 Kids and 1 Adult for 3 payments of $167 every 2 weeks
  • 1 Adult and 1 Kid for 3 payments of $127 every 2 weeks

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QUESTIONS about Mid Sumer Dreaming Gathering

  • I have a caravan or campervan; can I bring those?

A: Yes, you are welcome to bring those; you will need to park them on the paddock on the right as you drive in the driveway.

  • I’m a really light sleeper, will there be quieter spaces where I can camp?

A: There will be various spots that you camp, either amongst people/families or in more quiet secluded areas.

  • Are there shops nearby incase I forget something?

A: There is a petrol station which stocks some very basic supplies about a 5 minute drive away. The closest supermarket is 20 minutes away – either Castlemaine or Kyneton.

  • Can I park my car next to my camping site?

A: Unfortunately, that’s not an option…..unless you camp in car park paddock along with the caravans/camper vans.

It’s only a couple of minutes walk at most from car park area to grassed camping area.

  • I am coming from Interstate/Melbourne, is it possible to be picked up from the closest train station?

A: We are happy to pick you up from Malmsbury train station (which is on the Bendigo train line). Soul Seed Sanctuary is a 7-minute drive from the station. Please email and let me know what time you are arriving.

  • I would love to come but I don’t own a tent, what are my options?

A: We have a couple of tents available that you could use (first come, first served basis so please contact me). There are sometimes cheap tents on Facebook marketplace that you could purchase or you could ask a friend to borrow theirs.

  • Can I bring my dog/any other pets?

A: Unfortunately, no animals are allowed.

  • May I bring alcohol and/or other drugs?

A: This is an alcohol and drug free get together.

  • I can only come for part of the time, can l still come?

A. Yes that is possible, however you will have to buy a standard ticket.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at

Much love, Katherine




Katherine Knott

Katherine is a certified naturopath and the founding director of Acorn and Oak.   Her journey into studying Naturopathy started…