2 Day Drum Making Workshop

The process  of making your drum is reflective of your own birth story, the births of your children (if you have any) and how you do “process” in your life both creatively and in relationship to Other. Birthing a drum becomes a ‘way in’ to your inner workings, a way for you to be present with the imprinting from your own birth and early childhood. 



By approaching the process with awareness and consciousness you not only make yourself a personalised shamanic tool, you can have a shamanic experience, connecting with the animal of the hide you are using and the wood of the frame. 


Drumming can be for healing (it actually boosts your immune system), for prayer, for calming and for inducing altered states of consciousness for the purpose of shamanic journeying.

Using the drum during the labour of childbirth helps to reduce the intensity of contractions – the vibration dissipating pain and offering the woman a focal point that enables her to access an altered state of consciousness.

Beating the drum reunites us with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The drum is as old as human kind and has been used in all cultures. It is a feminine symbol – a round container that vibrates life. The drum connects our spirit with the ancient knowledge of the Universe.

Over 2 days you will be sitting in circle with yourself and others who, along with birthing a drum, have desire to awaken and deepen the connection they have with self, the wisdom of their menstrual cycle (if a woman), the moon cycles as well as the seasonal cycles.

In shamanic traditions, the drum is used to call the spirits and to facilitate the transition of the shaman, via a trance state, to the other realms for the purpose of mediation and healing. Often referred to as the Shaman’s Horse, the drum and its beat are what the shaman “rides” between the physical and spiritual worlds when she is journeying.

Within The Shamanic Drum – a guide to sacred drumming, Michael Drake describes the different beat patterns of the drum and their effects and explains how drumming synchronises the hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a sense of balance that creates the knowing of what to do (next).


What Others Have to Say about the Experience of Birthing their Drum

“A deeply transformative process (as all births are) and reflective of my own birth story and the the births of my children.  I laughed, l cried, l held space for others.  I struggled with anger, fear and self doubt during the transition.  I really leant into those spaces and sharp edges and came away today with a deeper knowledge and a deeper knowing of myself…..and a beautiful drum!”


“This process beautifully mimicked each of my birth experiences! From my birth through to my 2 boys!  It was a journey but one with so much love, pride and excitement!”


Katherine Knott

Katherine is a naturopath, herbalist, shamanic womancrafter and mother to her 4 crazy wildings who are her greatest teachers.  Katherine has always been drawn to the inner stories that a person weaves from the moment of conception until the present time and how that impact who and how they are in the world.  Katherine intertwines the medicine of her drum throughout clinical practice as a naturopath as well as  whilst facilitating  regular full moon circles. 

Nicki Stewart

Nicki has always been drawn to energetic medicine/healing,  especially drum medicine. She is a grass roots herbalist, naturopath and mumma to 3 amazing children.  Nicki birthed her first drum 13 years ago,  just after the birth of her first daughter. She found it was both a  powerful and life changing experience. Nicki works with her drum both in clinic and with her family; to raise the body’s vital force to assist in healing and supporting wellbeing.  Nicki completed a mentoring program for young girls called ‘Journey of Young Women’ created by the amazing Katherine Krueger and has been facilitating maiden circles on her country property for a number of years.

Saturday the 20th and 21st of March 2021
Acorn and Oak- 46 Armstrong St North, Ballarat
$550 including materials needed to make your drum, morning tea and afternoon tea.  Please BYO lunch.

What To Bring
2 towels (to lay your drum on whilst it is being birthed/made) , scissors strong enough to cut through hide, pillow case to take your drum home in. A shawl/blanket to cover yourself when drum journeying.

What is the story of your own birth?
(particularly regarding -situation for your mother during your pregnancy, weeks of gestation at birth, breech?, twins? premature labour? How did labour start- induction? natural? Drugs in labour? length of labour? way of birth- forceps? vacuum? normal vaginal? caesarean?
What are the stories of you giving birth?
To your babies (all pregnancies result in a birth including abortions, miscarriages etc) and if there have ben no pregnancies, then what are the stories of you birthing/creating? e.g projects at work, business, craft, new versions of yourself etc

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Katherine Knott

Appointments can be done via zoom/phone or face-to-face in our clinic Katherine is the founding director of Acorn and Oak.  She…