Feeling Blurgh?
Do you have low energy levels?
Carrying some extra weight?
Feel foggy in the mind?
Have difficulty concentrating?
Experience constipation OR diarrhoea?
Then this workshop is for YOU!
Join us for a fun and informative workshop as we go through
  • Reasons we need to Cleanse
  • How the body naturally detoxifies
  • Signs your body is overloaded with toxins
  • What to eat on a cleanse
  • Ways to enhance your cleanse
Wondering if a Cleanse will be beneficial for you?
Weight Loss
The main goal in any diet is to lose weight, right. Well, all those toxins in your body could be weighing you down. By going through a proper cleansing, you will improve your body’s ability to burn fat and maintain healthy nutrients. The result is a slimmer, happier you.
Energy Boosts
Toxins can also cause you to lose energy and feel depressed. Think about how great you feel after a bath or a trip to the spa. A cleansing regime provides the same effect for your body’s inner workings.
Mental Clarity
Cleansing the body can also have beneficial effects upon the brain. People often experience improved memory and concentration after completing a cleanse. Healthy foods lead to healthy thoughts.
Healthy Habits
Above all else, your cleansing diet will teach you healthy habits to use in the future. You will eat healthier food in a more mindful and better way, and you will understand what your body really needs to function at its best. It’s all a matter of sticking with the program you select.
We will have some tasty herbal teas to sip on whilst Hayley talks all everything cleanse!
Have a question you want to ask? email us at info@acornoak.com.au
Hayley one of our talented naturopaths will be conducting this informative workshop.
Hayley Dawson
Naturopath and Nutritionist
Adv. Dip Naturopathy
Hayley is a young passionate naturopath who found a love for herbal medicine and good nutrition when she suffered from her own health issues when she was in year 12 at school. She had always planned to work in the agriculture industry but after a gap year she knew naturopathy was the career for her.
Hayley is a registered member with CMA and completed her advanced diploma of Naturopathy in Melbourne before returning to the country.
Hayley lives on a farm in western Victoria and in her spare time helps out on the farm, plays netball for the local team and enjoys running.
Cost $30
Duration 1.5 hours
To purchase tickets