Are you ready to step into a new decade with a game plan?
One where you are living intentionally and with purpose?
Are you ready to leave behind what was holding you back in 2019?
For many 2019 was a year of turbulence and difficulties. I believe this year was preparing us so that in 2020 we can be living more in alignment and in purpose for what we were born to do!
Our life does not happen to us; it happens for us. Our divine life path is unfolding to ensure we experience life’s lessons and challenges, as soul desired. Our divine path unfolds ensuring soul experiences the love, joy, breakthroughs and celebrations it came here to experience. And, our divine life path requires we express and share what our soul came here to offer. Our divine life path unfolds according to our life’s manual; life works to ensure we fulfil what our soul came here to do.
Did you know that 93% of people fail to meet their New Years Resolutions?
That’s a bloomin’ high failure rate isn’t???
Studies show that you are 80% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down!
Imagine your success rate by focusing on them for 5 hours! Working from a heart centred, non ego space we will explore what is truly in alignment for your soul for 2020 and then we will go about planning how to bring that to fruition.
Whether its centred around your career, your relationship, a move, your spirituality, or lots of small positive changes you want to manifest for yourself, it is in your power. You can make it happen.
This workshop is for you if:
You want to start 2020 with a bang!
You feel stuck or trapped in a career, relationship or lifestyle that doesn’t fulfil you
You are wanting to make changes or just feel like a transition is occurring and you want some direction
You have started your own business or have recently made the leap into something new and want to plan its success
You are lacking in confidence and self esteem
You feel stuck in a routine and want to take some ‘time out’ to work out exactly where you want your life to go
You feel that life has more to offer, you’re just unsure of how to make the changes
What to expect:
This workshop will be hands on, creative and conversational. I’ll be guiding you through:
*Acknowledging the lessons and achievements that you experienced in 2019
*Releasing Ceremony to say goodbye to 2019, bad habits, negative thoughts & actions, overwhelm, expectations etc.
You have to release the old to create space to receive the new.
*A grounding guided meditation to help you gain clarity about what it is that you REALLY WANT to bring to fruition in 2020.
*Drumming Meditation to connect in with your soul’s purpose. Purpose is born out of lessons and inner growth, we cannot plan our purpose. we cannot map it with our minds; we must feel it through our hearts and souls.
*Journaling exercises that allow you to tap into what you truly desire by breaking through your fears & limiting beliefs.
*Tools to keep you grounded and focused throughout the coming year.
*Oracle/Inspiration card reading for the year ahead. You will individually choose 12 cards- 1 for each month of 2020, offering guidance and messages for the year ahead.
Snacks, finger foods, fruit, vegetables, water and herbal tea will be provided. Please BYO own lunch. There are many places that sell food walking distance from Acorn and Oak.
There will be different oracle and tarot cards available to use- Please bring your own deck if you have one that you would like to use.
Saturday 4th January 10am-3pm
Acorn and Oak
46 Armstrong St North, Ballarat Central.
Non Members of THRiVE $79.00
Members of THRiVE FREE
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Katherine Knott

Katherine is a certified naturopath and the founding director of Acorn and Oak.   Her journey into studying Naturopathy started…