Do you feel disconnected from your self?

From source?

Feel like you are lacking direction? Purpose?

Are you longing to find your tribe?

To connect with yourself and other’s more deeply?


This year long shamanic emergence women’s circle will take you on a deep journey to connect deeply with yourself and find your essence within!

A journey which will see you connect into the flow of nature and the seasons 

A journey that will see you stripped bare and re membered (in the best possible way).  

A journey that will connect you with your inner world as well as the cosmos.

This is YOUR  time!

Time to BE, SIT, DEEPLY LISTEN to the soft whisperings of our soul. 

It’s time to make YOU a priority.

All too often we as women put ourselves last, prioritising others (partners, children, friends, family, work) and forgetting that we need to take care of ourselves.


This work will change you on a SOUL level!

It is a DEEP, transformative journey that you will be embarking on.

In many ways this journey will see you RE-BIRTHED!

This is exactly how Acorn and Oak was conceived and came to be! 

By connecting in with your own menstrual cycle (if you have gone through menopause you follow the moon cycle), moon cycles and seasonal cycles you are able to harness the energy and use it to propel you into our next level of BEING!

As women there is enormous power in being seen and heard by other women.  Throughout this journey you will be nourished, nurtured and held as you explore your inner world and re connect with your true self.

We as women have sat in circle for MUCH longer than we have not.  The healed feminine is rising and we are connecting back in with our inherent power within.  Although it may seem like a relatively ‘new age’ thing to do we have been gathering as women together for many many many years.  

I look forward to journeying with YOU!

Much love

Katherine xx


18/5/2019 10am – 19/5/2019 5pm

Drum making weekend

A full immersive weekend including all meals and accomodation

This weekend will include

the making of your very own shamanic drum which we will then be using throughout the rest of journey as we   This is a deeply transformative and shamanic experience.

Drum journey’s where we will meet with guides for the year ahead- animal and plant ally’s

Exploration of your birth story as well as a connecting into the time spent in your mother’s womb and the impact that that has on you and your life story thus far as well as the  lives of your children (if you have any).

The drum echoes the heartbeat of the Earth and enables us to connect with the rhythm of life.

The indigenous people of North America call the drumbeat the heartbeat of the Earth and believe that through the drum we can feel the heartbeat of the Earth. Each time we beat the drum we send out healing vibrations to the Earth.  Studies have shown that the Earth vibrates at a frequency of 7.8 – 12 cycles per second; the drum has a frequency of 7 – 14 cycles per second so when we listen to a drum beat we are aligning ourselves with the earth’s vibration.

23/6/2019 10am-6pm Yule/Winter Solstice Celebration

17/7/2019 6.30-9.30pm Full Moon Gathering

8/8/2019 6.30-9.30pm Imbolc/Candlemas Celebration

22/9/2019 10am-6pm Ostara/Spring Equinox Celebration

27/10/2019 10am-6pm  Dark Moon Gathering

8/11/2019 6.30-9.30pm Beltane/May Day Celebration

22/12/2019 10am-6pm Litha/Summer Solstice Celebration

11/1/2020– 10am- 6pm Full moon Gathering

2/2/2020 10am- 6pm Lammas/Lughnasadh Celebration

21/3/2020 10am- 6pm Mabon/Autumn Equinox Celebration

30/4/2020 6.30-9.30pm Samhain/Halloween

Together we will explore rituals, astrological readings, grounding practices and shamanic journeys.  Talking circles, Seasonal reports, delving into our inner worlds, our red thread and how it impacts us as well as ways of healing our lineage both past and future.  These are just some of the ways in which we will spend our time together.

Before each gathering  material will be emailed to you to read in preparation for the work that we will be covering.

Private Sessions

2 one on one sessions with Katherine (60 minutes each session) where we will discuss any health issues that you are currently experiencing and discuss strategies for overcoming them.

Herbal Manufacturing Workshops

Your fees also include admittance to the 4 herbal manufacturing workshops that are being run at Acorn and Oak seasonally,  where we will be exploring 4 locally growing herbs and spending time connecting in with them and exploring their many virtues and the magical medicine that they encompass.   We will then be hands on with the herbs and creating some remedies for you to take home and add to your very own apothecary.  

Dedicated Facebook Group

Where you can gather together and support each other and continue our journey in between the spaces of us being with each other in circle. 

Feeling the pull but not sure if now is the right time?

Once the doors close in March they will not reopen until May 2020.

The maximum number of women in the circle will be 20.

Begin your dance…………Be aware of the thoughts, blocks and resistance you feel as you lean into wanting to begin your journey….these are all normal thoughts, feelings etc it means that the dance has begun……what will your next dance move be?  


$2747 plus GST

To be paid via 6 monthly payments of $503.61


Price is inclusive of all food and accomodation on the  Drum making weekend  (venue to be confirmed)

All craft materials used throughout the course 

Meals and snacks for the full days that we are journeying together

Please contact Acorn and Oak on 03 43432844 to pay your deposit

Katherine is a graduate from the school of Shamanic Womancraft, herbalist and naturopath for 16 years.  She can be found wondering the local wilderness in awe of the many magical medicinal plants and animals that grow around her.   She walks between the worlds of doing what she loves- mothering her 4 wildings, seeing clients 1 on 1 as a clinician and  creating a nourishing nurturing space at Acorn and Oak to journey with others seeking to journey deeper as they RE member! 

 Feeling the call but have some questions?

Please connect me at katherine@acornoak.com



I have recorded a drum journey for you to experience.

Find a quiet space, gather a rug, something to cover your eyes, journal and pen

Enjoy xx


Katherine Knott

Katherine is a certified naturopath and the founding director of Acorn and Oak.   Her journey into studying Naturopathy started…