Community Events and Workshops

Check these various workshops and events that will be holding space in our growth studio in Ballarat and make sure to book your spot as spaces are easily filled up.   Lou Chalmer for Autoimmune Disease, Counselling, and Philosophy Lou brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in holistic health and wellness, with a focus […]

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Shamanic Drum Making 2 Day Workshop

Medicine Drum Making Weekend Workshop   A Journey of Creation and Connection Welcome to the transformative journey of birthing your very own shamanic drum during our immersive two-day workshop. In sacred space, we will embark on a profound process that not only brings forth a physical instrument but also nurtures a deep spiritual connection with […]

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Women’s Circle 2024

WOMEN’S CIRCLES 2024   Imagine sitting in a space where you feel held and heard, Where you feel safe enough to voice anything that may be arising for you, Envision a space where women support and encourage each other to GROW, EXPAND and step FULLY into their POWER. Dream into a space where you feel […]

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Spring Drumming Circle

  With the intention of moving from birthing to growing and maturing your work with this sacred instrument, we will be holding seasonal drumming circles and are excited to invite you to soul seed sanctuary for this experience.      What To Expect at the Spring Drumming Circle   Within this spring evening of ritual, […]

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Autumn Immune Support Workshop

Learn How To Support and Strengthen your immune system in preparation for the cooler months of Autumn and Winter by exploring:   1.Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)     2. Rosehips (Rosa Canina)     3.Hawthorn (Crataegus Oxycanthoides) Learn how to identify and how to prepare each herb after this Autumn Immune Support Workshop.   During the […]

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Vision 2020

VISION 2020   Are you ready to step into a new decade with a game plan?   One where you are living intentionally and with purpose?   Are you ready to leave behind what was holding you back in 2019?   For many 2019 was a year of turbulence and difficulties. I believe this year […]

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Full Moon Drumming Meditation

Come and join Katherine for a FREE Full Moon Drumming MeditationCome and celebrate the last FULL moon for 2019, the last FULL Moon for the decade! The energy of the FULL moon is that of FULL illumination! It represents completion, the height of power, the realisation of your desires and the peak of clarity. It […]

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Dark Moon Meditation

Come and join Katherine for a FREE Dark Moon Drum Meditation Circle on Sunday the 24th of November at 2.00-3.30pmThe energy of the Dark Moon 🌑 is that of stillness, dormancy and potential. It is the perfect time to release all that no longer serves you. Everything that you do not wish to bring into […]

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Winter Festivities

Winter is well and truly here. The trees are bare and the weather is COLD! These school holidays bring your little ones along for an hour of fun filled creating. Suitable for children 3 and up with the help of a carer.Each child will make and take homeA snowflake Choosing from a selection of different […]

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Winter Wellness Wokshop

Are you sick of you and the kids getting sick every winter? Niggling coughs? Runny Noses? Chesty coughs? Influenza? Croup? Tonsilitis? The list goes on………. Lots of days off sick from childcare? school? work? You know you want to do something  to help you and your family STOP getting sick each winter but you don’t […]

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Herbal Manufacturing Class

Herbal Manufacturing Class We will spend time looking at 4 locally grown herbs, exploring their energetics doctrine of signatures flavour, actions traditional history and uses organ affinities. This will be a hands on class where you will be making and taking home remedies that you can add to your very own apothecary. Drum journeys/Meditation  to […]

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GUT Health Workshop

Does your GUT rule your life? Do you or your child experience reflux bloating nausea constipation diarrhoea excessive gas belching abdominal pains and cramps anxiety or depression autoimmune disease such as coeliac, hashimoto’s or grave’s disease Then this workshop is for YOU! What topics are covered in this workshop? Structure of the gut Function of […]

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The Postpartum Plan

In places where the culture is not explicitly designed to honour this time immediately after birth, women have to take measures to create their own sanctuaries of relaxation and restoration. At first, the amount of support we need seems surprising, maybe even excessive, especially given the superwoman ideal currently prevalent in the Western world. Women […]

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Cleanse Workshop

Feeling Blurgh? Do you have low energy levels? Carrying some extra weight? Feel foggy in the mind? Have difficulty concentrating? Experience constipation OR diarrhoea? Bloating?   Then this workshop is for YOU! Join us for a fun and informative workshop as we go through   Reasons we need to Cleanse How the body naturally detoxifies […]

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