Different ancient healing systems looked at Spring as an important time to address and support your health. They looked at improving the wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit. The onset of Spring allows for a unique window in helping to address and correct certain types of energy within the body. Read this post below to learn about what the energetics of Spring can bring us from a perspective of a Ballarat homeopath.

Energetic Patterns of Spring

Chinese medicine sees Spring as being a time where the wood element becomes dominant, promoting the movement of energy in the body from within to outward sources. You will find it a good time to use this energy to focus on new growth and seeking areas to create.

Think about the directions you want to go, what you want to do or be more like. Seek these areas of expansion in your life and use the energetics of Spring to grow in new directions.

Emotional & Physical Symptoms

There are certain physical and emotional challenges that you are more likely to encounter during spring. Emotionally, you may find yourself more prone to quick energy like anger, impatience, or irritability. These emotions are linked to the energy of your gallbladder and liver.

Holding onto anger during Spring stagnates your energy and doesn’t allow for the true potential of Spring to shine. If you have something that is holding you back, it may be the right time to have a closer look and see if you truly need to hold onto it.

If you have any physical ailments, you might notice that they seem to focus in specific areas of the body. Your eyes, skin, hands, wrists, and rib cage may be more affected than normal. If you have allergies, you may also notice that you are more reactive than normal during spring; especially if your histamine regulation is poor. You can talk with a Ballarat homeopath to check on your histamine levels.

Diet & Lifestyle for Energetics of Spring

During Spring, you may find it beneficial to go for a walk out in the bush or do another activity that allows you to spend time with trees. Take the time to be out in a wild space. You can even sit outside on the earth to reconnect with the natural world. While you are walking, movement is key. Help move your body’s Qi by swinging your arms or stretching the muscles on the side of your body – over the liver.

Foods that help to support your body during spring include anything with a sour flavour. The astringent nature of these flavours helps to prevent Qi ‘leakage’ from the liver. It controls your body’s energy and helps it to move in the right direction without waste.

Combining Chinese medicine with Western herbal medicine tells us that another good dietary area to work with are the bitters. These help to cleanse and rejuvenate the body, a perfect complement to the energy of Spring.

The energy of your food should also shift. As everything is faster during Spring, you should move away from heavy, slow cooked meals to foods that are cooked quicker. Raw foods can be cut into smaller pieces. Blending or adding water to foods is also beneficial this time of year.

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