Some people, who have period pain that isn’t relieved by ibuprofen, may know that they need to have a look at what might be causing their pain. But what about a normal period? How much pain should you expect? Is pain during a period normal? Can you have a pain-free period? Read this post written by naturopaths near Bendigo and Ballarat.

The good news is that you can have pain-free periods. Typical period pain that people experience, that isn’t caused by an underlying health condition, can be considered ‘normal’ period pain.

What Causes Period Pain?

So, if you can have a pain free period – what causes the pain?

At the end of your cycle, when the uterine lining starts to break down, it releases prostaglandins. These are good because they help your uterine muscle to contract, which helps to shed the lining. The release of prostaglandins is a normal part of the process. The problem is that too many problems can cause pain; so, you want to reduce how many prostaglandins are made.

Diet & Lifestyle

There are different things that will impact different people so it’s good to get specific advice from your naturopath. A couple of general things you can try are:

  • Reduce or eliminate the amount of cow’s dairy that you consume in your diet.
  • Determine if you have histamine intolerance or not. Histamine can worsen period problems as it increases inflammation and estrogen.

Naturopathic Aims for Period Pains

There are a few different things that your naturopath will look at to help you reduce inflammation and prostaglandin production. These include:

  • Reduce the number of prostaglandins that you produce.
  • Help to improve the tone of your uterine muscle.
  • Support uterine muscle relaxation.
  • Inhibit the action of prostaglandins.
  • Support the reduction of inflammation and pain.

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