Treating Kids’ Ear Infections: Your Herbal Recipe

While ear infections are common in children, they also often respond well to herbal treatments. So, here’s a FREE herbal recipe guide for treating your kids’ ear infections. There are many different approaches that can be tried, especially if the infection is caused by an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria. This is an oil you […]

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Your Recipe For Immune-Enhancing Bone Broth

Our Ballarat nutritionists have prepared this immune-enhancing bone broth recipe for FREE just for you! Sometimes, especially if you are just getting over something, your immune system could use a little bit of help. This broth is a lovely way to improve your immune system. Giving you an extra bit of warmth on a cold […]

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Get This Facial Steam At Bendigo Apothecary

Including yarrow in this facial steam can help to lower fever and reduce congestion. Get a copy of this herbal recipe of facial steam from Bendigo apothecary. There are a lot of herbs that are beneficial for your health, especially during winter. Yarrow is one that grows easily and is very versatile. What You Need […]

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Steam Inhalation As A Natural Remedy

This herbal recipe is for a steam inhalation to help you relax and unwind, getting you ready for a good night’s sleep. This can be a nice addition to your nightly routine, especially just after a hot shower or bath. It helps you get that extra relaxation.​​​​​​​​ What You Need:​​​​​​​​ 2g Lemon Verbena​​​​​​​​ 2g Linden​​​​​​​​ 2g […]

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Hypericum Infused Oil

Hypericum Infused Oil Beneficial for:Healing woundsTreating burnsRelieving nerve paininsect bitesReducing inflammation- psoriasis, arthritisRelieving muscle pain This Hypericum infused oil is well-known to prevent fungal and bacterial infection on the skin like psoriasis and shingles. It can also be beneficial for the scalp and nails when used in moderation. If you suffer from arthritis or more […]

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Chicken Broth Recipe

Supports the Immune System. It contains the amino acids arginine (essential for immune system and liver function), glutamine (which helps with metabolism), and glycine (which aids in glutathione production and also quality of sleep). Bone marrow that liquefies over time as your soup simmers is especially beneficial to the immune system. This marrow will contain […]

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